I’m a jazz saxophonist/woodwind player insofar as that’s what I studied in school, but I play a lot of other instruments as well. Keyboard, guitar, drums, vocals, bass, melodica… uh, tambourine…

I host and produce a music podcast called Strong Songs, where I break down famous tunes and see what makes them tick. I post new music of my own to my Soundcloud Page, and also occasionally record music videos like this one for my YouTube channel:

I have an album out that you should totally buy. It’s called “The Exited Door” and thought it’s been ten years since it came out, I still don’t hate it, which seems like a good sign. It features over 20 of my favorite musicians and friends and was an entirely homemade, self-funded project. It’s available on the usual digital retailers but I say buy it from Bandcamp, where you’ll get a DRM-free copy and I’ll get the best percentage of the sale.

I play saxophone and other instruments with various bands and artists around Portland, and am always down to collaborate on horn arrangements for the studio or for live shows. (Contact info is in the sidebar if you want to reach out.) I’ve been posting a bunch of instrumental compositions to Soundcloud, and keep this playlist updated:

Here’s a fun clip from a 2009 live show of a tune I wrote called “Happy Pants” where I managed to loop a bunch of instruments together without screwing anything up: