National Day of Listening


Over the din of Black Friday, it could, somewhat ironically, be possible to miss that today is also apparently the National Day of Listening. I always love a new “National – Day,” so I thought I’d forgo transcribing any retail adventures here, and instead would share a cool listening experience that I recently had.

I’ve been working on the first album that I’ll release under my own name – it’s a big honking recitation of stories from the past, going as far back as I can remember and coming all the way up to the present.  It’s going to be called “The Exited Door.”  I’ve (somehow) managed to bring together just about everybody in the bay area (and beyond) that I know – jazz and rock musicians, as well as students, co-faculty, and even non-musician friends, and eek some sort of contribution out of each of them. It’s been really, really cool, and I’m lucky to know so many great musicians.

In addition to all those humans, I thought it would be appropriate to get a contribution from the city of San Francisco itself – the album has 13 tracks, so I figured it would be funny to make the 13th track a recording of Funston Ave out in the Richmond.  Geddit?  ‘Cause there is no 13th avenue, we call it “Funston.”  Ha ha ha oh man I kill myself.
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