That Old Grey Lady

12 Jul

After keeping it under our hats for a few weeks, Kotaku has finally announced our ongoing partnership with The New York Times, in which our writers will be providing the bulk of their game coverage. Our EIC Stephen Totilo will be writing more involved “Critic’s Notebooks” along with longtime Times writer Chris Suellentrop, and Kotaku will be providing abridged versions of our reviews for the back of the arts section.

Our first reviews went out in yesterday’s paper (shown above, since of course I bought a copy). I was really happy that one of my reviews made the cut–that review being a rundown of The Walking Dead‘s second episode, which you can read here on the Times website.

Since this is a partnership deal and the reviews are abridged copies of reviews we’ve already run on our site, we don’t get individual bylines. Which, yeah, is a bit of a bummer–it sure would have been nice to have my name in the NYT! All things in time, I suppose.

We’ll be providing reviews for the paper on an ongoing basis, so every time you see video game reviews in the Arts section, they were written by either me or my Kotaku colleagues.

It’s a really exciting time at Kotaku, and I’m immensely proud of the work we’re doing. It’s been a wild six months since Stephen took over as EIC, and we’re all working really hard to make the site the most interesting, entertaining and informative video game site in the world.

Thanks everyone for reading. See you in the Arts section!

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