Hi, Mom

10 Dec

The other week, I had the pleasure of going on Anthony Carboni’s Revision3.TV show “New Challenger.” The show aired in two parts–the first part was a review/discussion of Saints Row: The Third, a game which I had actually reviewed for Kotaku.

In the second part, we did a Q&A, and I took questions from twitter. I got to talk about: Jazz and Far Cry 2 (and my intense adoration of both of those things), how I became a games writer, what it’s like to work at Kotaku, and where to find the best sweat pants in San Francisco.

Here’s that part:

And here’s part one:

Hey, TV is pretty fun. Attention other people with TV shows: I will come on your show and talk about jazz and videogames anytime you want.

Thanks, Anthony, for having me on.

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