Print = Dead Sexy

6 Jul

There’s something about print, isn’t there? Writing on the internet is fun, and there’s a certain joy in the immediate gratification of hitting “publish.” But print publishing remains the more satisfying experience; the permanence of print will never die, doom-predicting media soothsayers be damned.

I’m happy to have a few things coming out in print this month, first of which is a big feature that I put together for Kill Screen Magazine’s fifth issue, “Public Play.” In it, I go on the road with the San Francisco-based company The Go Game. The Go Game is a bit like a hirable version of The Amazing Race, with games that sprawl across a city and involve location challenges, hidden actors, creative camerawork, and good-natured competition. I was embedded with a team that worked its way through San Francisco’s Embarcadero district, and I also spoke at length with Ian Fraser and Finn Kelley, the company’s founders.

Some other great writers have stuff in the issue as well, including friends Simon Parkin, Jon Irwin, Brian Taylor and Michael Abbott. So go order it. Or better yet, get a subscription, because I have a feeling that the next issue in particular (the “Sound” issue) is going to be pretty out of sight.

I’ve also got some stuff in the newest issue of EDGE Magazine, including a lengthy feature I wrote about Bioshock Infinite. Infinite was easily one of the most impressive demos at E3, and it was great fun to chat with creative director Ken Levine and several other members of the team working on it. I don’t have a print copy of the issue just yet, but you can buy a digital copy online or find it in stores. (I should note that Edge doesn’t publish bylines, so I’m kind of bending the rules by saying that I wrote this feature. But whatever, it’s my first article for them and I’m proud of that. In the future, go ahead and buy Edge, since I’m already working on more cool stuff for them.)

And finally, I’m so excited that Paste has finally launched its digital print mag, the mPlayer! Back in the halcyon days of its print run, Paste was known for the music CD sampler they sent out each month; that sampler returns in digital form with the mPlayer. The second issue has a reprint of my very first column, “Home Again,” and I’ll be writing plenty more things for it as we go forward. It’s free through September, too, so do check it out.

Whew. I’ve been running a bit silent lately, and just finished a big move that sapped a lot of my free time. Fortunately, I’ve got some good stuff in the works. Hope everyone out there is doing well, and finding the time this summer to sit back in the sun and do some reading.


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  1. ivey October 11, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    so I’m kind of bending the rules by saying that I wrote this feature
    uhh ??? lol
    do you know piano briefs ? 😀

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