One Black Angel’s Death Song

4 Apr

Well, that was the subtitle I submitted for my Joystiq review of the new XBLA Slash-em-up The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Unfortunately, it was too long for their format so they went with “Fangs a lot,” which is cool too.

Regardless, the game itself is ridiculously cool, and I made no bones about that in my review.

It’s a bloodbath, all right. The young girl swings and stabs, ripping her blade through flesh, metal and bone, eviscerating foe after foe until the room is covered in a thick, rich coat of red. Your eye can barely track her movements as she flits from corner to corner, vanishing in a puff of crimson smoke only to reappear, strike, and then vanish again.

Perhaps that dramatic opening has your intrest piqued? Then go read the whole review! And hey, if you’ve got an XBox 360, you could sure come up with worse ways to spend your money when the game launches this week.

Read The Diswasher: Vampire Smile Review at Joystiq

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