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18 Mar

I have a whole slew of post-GDC stuff that I want to blog about (not a partial slew; an entire slew), but I am only just now coming back to an even keel after the whole affair so my bandwidth is limited. I did want to write a post to talk about a very cool letter series I’m doing at Paste, discussing the classic videogame Final Fantasy VII.

I’m playing the game for the first time and as I do, I’m writing letters to fellow game-brain Leigh Alexander. For those who don’t follow gaming closely, Leigh is a fantastic writer and an ever-present, singular critical voice on the gaming landscape. She’s written for just about every gaming publication out there as well as a bunch of other places, and she writes particularly well about people, the games they play, and why they play them. She is also a hilarious person and one of my favorite friends in games journalism (or anywhere else, for that matter), and I’ve counted myself lucky to get to know her.

I do hope you’ll read our letters—we ran the first two parts this week (Part 1, Part 2). The easiest way to keep track of them is to bookmark Paste’s automatically updated index, which is here. (The truly interested can also follow both of us on Twitter, since a fair amount of errant FFVII randomness occurs there as well.)

Our discussion is not constrained merely to FFVII—even over the handful of letters we’ve written so far, we have branched out to talk about many other aspects of modern games and gaming, as well as a lot of other things. We’ll run parts 3 and 4 next week, then most likely go to running them once a week on Tuesdays. I’m sure that as we go, we’ll stretch even farther… I mean, I only just got Vincent into my party and judging by what Leigh’s said of him so far, she might wind up sidetracking us into a separate series of letters entirely devoted to his hotness.

I’ve been so thrilled at the writers that I’ve gotten to contribute to Paste over the past month, and will post more links and other stuff here as soon as I have time. If you’d like to subscribe to our games coverage, Paste‘s Games RSS feed is here.


Read “The Final Fantasy VII Letters” at Paste Magazine

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