Home Again

28 Jan

My first weekly “Bit Player” column is online at Paste. It’s titled “Home Again” and in it, I discuss the different ways in which videogames can conjure the feeling of home. I talk about a lot of very good games, from Chrono Trigger to Dragon Age: Origins to Far Cry 2 to Minecraft.

The experience conjured childhood memories with a surprisingly forceful immediacy; memories of building forts as a kid and hiding away from the world, safe from the peering eyes of adults. I lit a torch and my small cave was flooded with warm light, a flashlight’s hooded glow beneath the covers of my childhood bed. As the moon rose in the sky, I began to dig.

I hope you enjoy it.  The past month has been a crazy ride of emailing, scheduling, interviewing, and reviewing games (this week’s review: Dead Space 2). As a result, it’s been a little while since I wrote any straight-up editorial. Doing so again felt very nice indeed.

Read “Home Again” at Paste Magazine

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