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10 Jan

As I’ve announced elsewhere, I have accepted the position of Games Editor at Paste Magazine. It’s a super exciting turn of events, and I’ve been having a blast getting things up and running over there over the past few weeks. I’ll spare you the whole schpeil here, but suffice to say I’ll be doing a whole lotta games-related writing over there, and it is going to be pretty awesome.

Whenever I’ve got something that’s a bit too random, personal or errant for Paste, I’ll post it here. I’ll also use this space as a place to organize and share my work over there. You can always check the “Around The Web” tab in the sidebar for my writing there and elsewhere, and I’ve also got a directory over at Paste with everything I’ve written for them. I’ll do my best to put together posts here every week or two rounding up what we’ve been up to. Speaking of which…

I did a few reviews over the last couple of weeks, including one for the superbly terrifying Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It was a fun review to write, and I think it hits an interesting blend between the experiential stuff that I am into and a more formal critique and review. The game is awesome, so if you own a computer (Mac or PC), you should get it. And, happily, its developer Frictional games has seen sales of the game explode and have surpassed their desired profit margins for the first time ever.

I also reviewed the fun sword-slashing iOS game Infinity Blade, and if anyone has a better term for “game available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch” than “iOS”, I’m all ears. Lastly I wrote up the first chapter of Scarlett and the Spark of Life, a supremely charming and witty point-and-click adventure game.

I’ve been running the odd news item and feature as well, with help from our awesome intern Bo Moore. I did a roundup of the best Downloadable Content from 2020, and was happy to be a part of Kill Screen Magazine’s Best of 2010 poll, and I also shared a really neat newsgame by Molleindustria that takes the Wikileaks scenario and makes it playable. Games can illustrate and demonstrate systems in a way that other mediums cannot, and so they are particularly useful for imparting current events.

Lastly, I’m always down to contribute stuff to the other sections of the site, particularly the “Awesome of the Day” blog. Anytime someone sends me something particularly awesome, I write it up—my first two entries were for an iPhone-controlled Flying Drone and the Shark Boat, a submersible boat that leaps out of the water like a shark. And also has a shark-mouth. I believe that there is a reason that YouTube comments are turned off for this thing, and that reason is that it is as flatly ridiculous a vessel as I’ve ever seen.

Paste will be making some announcements regarding the mag and the site very soon, so stay tuned for that. Right around the same time, I’ll be starting up a weekly videogame column, which should also be pretty entertaining to write.

In the meantime, games to review, music to play, kids to teach and Mines to craft. All in a day’s work, dontcha know.

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