Here In My Car

23 Dec

My latest feature is up at Paste, it’s an interview wit British flash-animator and game-designer Jim Hall. He made the super-cool, free-to-play online music game called Isle of Tune, which I highly suggest checking out.

The result is a leaner—but no less compelling—music-creation tool. Users have gone beyond simply recreating their favorite pop tunes, building interactive works of digital art like “Heart,” a heart-shaped collection of red houses that simply… beats. Ka-THUM. Ka-THUM. Hall says that he’s surprised at the range of creativity that Isle of Tune players have shown. “They’re subverting the technology in very cool ways, and it made me very happy to see that.”

Thanks to Jim for taking the time to chat with me!

Read “The Musical Villages of Jim Hall’s Isle of Tune” at Paste

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