Chomp the Line

20 Dec

I have a new piece up at the recently launched Kill Screen site. It’s an essay I wrote last week about Pac-Man, Miles Davis, Kind of Blue and the Japanese visual art suibokuga. It might be my favorite thing I’ve written about a game, but then again I usually feel that way right after I write something.

Anyway, I’m real happy with it, which I guess isn’t a surprise since it’s a piece that fuses jazz and videogames.

In short order, Pac-Man finds himself tearing through a darkened dungeon trailed by a Technicolor train of doom, thirty shimmering ghosts trying and failing to catch the jaundiced maw. Row after row of dots is devoured, fruit bonuses are consumed; and the game gets faster, faster, faster until it is practically skipping across its own surface tension. The walls of the labyrinth are pulsing. There is house music playing.

Yeah, dude. Kill Screen is doing a whole lot of things right at the moment, but their visual aesthetic might be their crowning achievement. If you don’t have a subscription to this magazine, you should. It is beautiful to look at and tasty to read.

Read “Onward, Pac-Man!” at Kill Screen.

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