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You Made A Bear

13 Jun

After reading Joe R.’s 100% justified anger about Logo’s whack-ass viewers’-choice list of the top 30 Buffy episodes of all time, I got to thinking about the general awesomeness of that show and decided to share one of my all-time favorite scenes.

Believe it or not, it’s from the S4 episode “Pangs” and it features Spike.



“So your knife can kill you.”



You made a bear!

“I didn’t mean to!”



Red Dead Redempted

13 Jun

My latest game review is up at Paste – it’s of Rockstar’s questionably-named-but-really-cool new western opus Red Dead Redemption. I’m happy with this one; it’s been fun to work on getting things more comprehensive without losing depth, and really trying to focus on what I thought the game was attempting to accomplish rather than just what it managed to pull off. It helped that the game was both really ambitious and a ton of fun to play.

I also took a more in-depth look at two specific aspects of the game over at Gamer Melodico. First, I marveled at its incredible audio design (because I mean seriously) and a week later I invoked Al Swearengen to help me voice some of my frustrations about its flawed storytelling.

The Burglary of Murfins

11 Jun

I thought I’d seen everything. I really did.

Turns out, I had not.

Polarizing by Nature

1 Jun

“Crystal Bowersox is a lot more polarizing a performer than Lee is. Crystal Bowersox is a woman with a giant back-tattooo and dreadlocks. I don’t think that the problem was that girl (voters) were all, “Oh, Lee!” I think, just, Crystal is polarizing by nature.

It’s 2010, yes, but women with tatttoos and women with dreadlocks still face an uphill battle in the court of public opinion. And I think last year, Kris vs. Adam, Adam was the polarizing performer, he did outlandish, crazy things that not everyone could get behind.”

Michael Slezak of Idolatry
on why Lee Dewyze beat Crystal Bowersox to win American Idol


Jason Averett, editor of Idolatry
on what the word “polarizing” means

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