Here, There and Everywhere

3 May

I’ve got some new writing online this week that pretty accurately reflects the at-times hilarious breadth of my entertainment interests.

First up, my most recent game review for Paste magazine is online – it’s of the new stealth-action title Splinter Cell: Conviction. For all the issues I had with the patchwork quality of the design and the ridiculously terrible writing, it was a really fun game.  Thanks as always to Jason Killingsworth for being a great editor and groovy dude.

I also contributed to a super-fun round-table discussion at Low Resolution about the recently-announced changes to the format of So You Think You Can Dance. In addition to myself and LowRes maestro Joe Reid, the conversation included Tapeworthy‘s Vance and Lauren from TWoP.  Good times were had by all, and I think it’s safe to say we all share a cautious optimism about the upcoming season.

So yeah, badass stealth video games and So You Think You Can Dance. Slap a guitar on it and you’ve pretty much got me in a nutshell.

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