Abed Nadir Knows What Time It Is

28 Mar

I love Community. Honestly, it might be the funniest show on TV right now. I know I just said that about Archer, but man, Community is just killing lately.

Troy is probably my favorite character – I hope that they have him break down in tears every episode (last week’s “It’s a cookiewand!” outburst still has me laughing). But it’s hard to deny that Abed is the show’s heart and soul.

Just like Community itself, Abed bridges the gap between meta humor (his are by far the most overtly meta of all of the characters’ jokes) and surprisingly earnest stories (his side stories usually involve him surprising everyone by not being the clichéd antisocial dork that his “character” would be on a TV show).

It helps that Danny Pudi is rocking it, knocking out of the park every new challenge the writers throw his way. His “Gruff black police sergeant who reams the loose-cannon detectives” last week was amazing, and essentially lifted straight out of Beverly Hills Cop, minus about a billion swear words.

And last week’s episode also contained a little character detail that sealed Abed’s status as the Über-Geek. If you need any further proof that the man truly, deeply Knows What Time It Is, might I direct your attention to Exhibit A:

That’s right: Milk Duds. Dude could’ve been eating Doritos or corn-nuts, sour-patch kids or popcorn, but no. As would any truly seasoned movie-watching veteran, Abed goes with the single most delicious, effective, and long-lasting snack on the face of the planet. He chooses the Duds.

Well played, Mr. Nadir. I expected no less.

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