New Instructional Article: Approach Notes

22 Mar

"For my first example, I'm going to be misreading the teleprompter, then doing some cursing."

My latest instructional article for Acoustic Guitar magazine is now online! It covers a few techniques for adding approach-notes to your improvising, and it’ll run in next month’s print edition of the magazine. The awesomest part is that for the first time, the online version features video. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see my super-sweet teleprompter-reading skills in action, then my friend, you are in LUCK.

I had a really good time working on it – thanks to Adam Traum for being such a pleasure to work with behind the camera. Also, huge thanks to my buddy Dan Apczynski for being an outstanding editor and helping put the video shoot together, as well as for lending his guitar playing to the last video, a duet on “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.”

So yeah, check it out!

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