Sunday’s Show @ The Make-Out Room

24 Feb

…was a crashing success. Wow, what a band! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so confident in my group before performing, nor have I felt as relaxed onstage as I did. It was a blast of a show, and the crowd was so great – thanks to all who came out!

The Nice Guy Trio was amazing as always, opening the night with a killing set and really establishing a laid-back vibe for the rest of the evening. As I’ve mentioned, then show was a potluck in honor of Seaweed Sway hostess Jessie Woletz’s birthday, so there was a table with all sorts of delicious food for folks to sample as the Nice Guys did their thing.

After NGT wrapped up, we went on, and it was just a really fun, relaxed, high-energy set.  Highlights included “Sweet Revenge” (now with 2 more modulations!), “The Darkened Street,” and, of course, “Shoshana.” Having Tim join us on drums added a level of oomph to the tunes that had been lacking from previous acoustic performances, and Marguerite sounded amazing, as always.

I got some good audio from the board, and we also set up a camera to record – the video is kind of weird, since we had to turn on the night-vision setting due to the low lights in the club, andthe result is that it looks like I wore all white when I actually wore almost all black… odd.  This recording of the Nice Guys sitting in on “The Darkened Street” captures the vibe of the night for those who couldn’t make it:

Special thanks to Fred Nervo for working the camera, and to Chris Brague for doing such a fantastic job with the sound.

After our set, Stitchcraft played, and they were really cool, too!  I hadn’t heard much of their stuff, and was expecting a folky kinda thing, but instead they brought a really groovy energy to the stage, lots of percussion and brazillian-ish rhythms, as well as a complete vibraphone. My dinky little xylophone looked on in awe.

All in all a very, very fun night. Thanks one more time to everyone who came out, and hope you enjoy the video!

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