Introducing “Gamer Melodico”

2 Feb

It should come as no surprise to most of y’all that in addition to music and whatever other random stuff I write about here, I truly, deeply love video games. I have loved them all my life – from my first experiences with Sierra and Lucasarts point-and-click games at slumber parties in the fifth grade to my jaw-on-the-floor playthrough of 2009’s incredible Uncharted 2, games capture my imagination in a way that few other non-musical things do.

I’ve published my fair share of game posts here on Murfins, though far less frequently of late – it just didn’t seem as though folks who come here were really coming by to hear my latest thoughts on the Rock Band Network, the Canadian Judge from Phoenix Wright, or why Dead Space was better than Resident Evil 5.

But the medium itself is just way too exciting, and the amount of chatter around the internet far too fun and interesting, to forgo writing about games altogether. Even after taking a brief hiatus from gaming earlier this year (which was commemorated in what might be my favorite bad poem ever), I knew I’d be back.  With that in mind, I decided to start up a separate blog to talk about all things game-related, and thus Gamer Melodico was born.

I asked my good friends Dan Apczynski (one of the singers on The Exited Door and an editor for Acoustic Guitar Magazine) and David Tracy (he of the Happy Pants Drawing and his own great illustration blog, Drawing Attention) if they’d also be interested in contributing, and they were down.  And who knows, we may just increase our masthead by another writer or two in the months to come!

Anyhow, the blog is located here, and if you’re into games (or, honestly, even if you’re just a bit curious about them), you’ll probably find something to enjoy. Our goal is to write material that doesn’t shut out the non-hardcore, and veers a bit more towards creativity and humor – goofy songs and weird posts and pictures – and away from long, heady discourse. But there’ll be some of that, too. Everyone loves a good old-fashioned discussion of ludonarrative dissonance.

My most recent post, regarding a (joke) Hipster RPG from BioWare called “Mass Affect” ain’t half bad for an opening shot across the bow.  And, thanks to some very cool linkers (including SexyVideoGameLand‘s Leigh Alexander, BoingBoing and another very, very exciting and bit of exposure that’s pending), we’re coming out of the gate swinging.

So, just wanted to tell y’all that I’ll be editing and writing for that blog a lot in the months to come, and urge you to check it out, subscribe, and share your comments!

And of course, I’ll keep on writing Murfins, too. Looks like my bloglife just got busier.

[Update: that very, very exciting bit of exposure I mentioned earlier was that my Hipster RPG post got syndicated by Kotaku, Gawker’s gaming site. That’s pretty much unbelievably cool. Check it out!)

It's a pretty good title, too, don't you think?


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