I’d Like To Cut Your Head Off, So I Can Weigh It

29 Oct

phish_logo_sticker…whaddya say?

This weekend, I will be partying like it’s 1997 – The Danimal and I will be heading down to Indio, CA for the three-day-long Phish Festival 8.  I am very, very stoked – Phish is a band that I have always really enjoyed, and I own many of their studio records, but I have yet to see them live.

I know, I know. The whole “Phish Experience” is about the live show – well, I guess never really got down with that experience.  Which is kinda a good thing, I think – I’m not not a Phish Head or whatever superfans call themselves… I never wore a pookah shell necklace or hackey sacked at a show, I don’t own any bootlegs or Phish merchandise, or {insert stereotype of Phish fan here}. However, I DO know the contents of Junta, Hoist, A Live One, The Story of the Ghost, and Rift inside out.  It’s weird.

So, when Dan (an avowed Phish fan) told me that they were doing their eighth giant festival (appropriately titled “Phish Festival 8”) down in Indio, I said Hell yeah.  The band has broken up, had a send-off show, had its members embark on solo tours (I saw Trey’s underwhelming performance at the Warfield a couple of years ago), and is now back together.  It feels like this might be my only chance to see them live, so why head to their ultimate performance venue?

From the look of things on the festival website, we’re in for a hell of a weekend.  Outside of the performances (including a complete-album surprise on Halloween and an acoustic set with doughnuts on Sunday), there looks to be a ton to do, with remixing stations, a mac bar, a farmer’s market (seriously?), and a Ferris Wheel. That’s right.  A Ferris Wheel.

So, I’m stoked.  Three days is a loooong time to go car camping, and three sets a lot of live music to watch, particularly all from one band, but hey.  I’ve never gone to something like this before, and I figured go big or go home, right?


Speaking of go big or go home...

Have a great weekend, catch y’all on the other side!

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