24 Oct

GuitCoverToday we enter a new chapter in the ongoing love affair between yours truly and the wonderful Acoustic Guitar Magazine. After doing a few smaller articles for them, I’ve gotten my first “30-minute lesson” published!

It’s a much more in-depth article than the previous “practicing” pieces I’ve written (which are here and here, if you’re interested). I even recorded several examples for the online version of the article – the whole thing is just very cool.

It’s always been fun to try to tailor my instructional style to fit a different instrument (the guitar) and a different kind of student (the adult hobbyist), while imparting some fairly advanced techniques.  In this article specifically, I’m trying to demonstrate how to take a lengthy passage and methodically break it down in order to learn it.

That sort of “how to practice” stuff is tough to teach, but is far easier to get across to adults than it is to the younger students I work with.  Slowing things down and approching them in a measured manner is something that requires maturity, and it’s much easier to convince adult students that it’s necessary.  So, hopefully the article will help some folks!

Last note: it is a bitch editing something that references so many “examples.”  It’s even harder when there are various “sections” of those examples that also need to be referenced.  One of the most difficult things about writing generalized instructional articles (in any field, really), seems to be getting all of the jargon mashed down to something manageable.  Dan Apczynski, (that’s right, the Dan Apczynski) was a fantastic editor, and also wrote the cover story for the issue – a really outstanding interview with Dave Matthews.

Check it out, it’s really good stuff!


You, too, can learn how to play this.


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