Increasingly Glee-Full

15 Oct

GleeHello!  Thought I’d return from that brief (very relaxing) break from posting with a little bit about Glee – the show that everyone loves, or at least loves to talk about.  I just read Joe R’s outstanding TWoP-style recap of last week’s episode (Oh, how I long for the days when I had time to read TWoP every day!), and it got me thinking about the show some more.

Back when the pilot aired in the Spring, I wasn’t entirely sold. To briefly recap my thoughts, I felt like the show was all over the place, and wasn’t clear in what it was going for – “Election”-style black humor, “Bring it On”-style wackiness, or full-on “High School Musical” melodrama and spontaneous singing?  What’s more, the pacing felt bananas and the writing was all over the place.

Well, now that we’re seven episodes in (though I haven’t yet seen this week’s episode), and I thought it’d be worth sharing that Glee has utterly won me over.  They’ve been steadily upping their game comedically, deciding on and evening out the show’s tone, and figuring out what, exactly, the show is about.  I’ve enjoyed each episode a little bit more than the last, and at this point, I find myself looking forward to wednesdays every week.  Hooray!

It’s still not perfect – there are still some clunker jokes in there, and the auto-tuning on the musical numbers can get pretty brutal (particularly during the girls’ Halo/Sunshine mash-up last week – Rachel’s last note sounded like a computer shrieking at me.  Angrily).

But I’m stoked that Jane Lynch is finally getting the props she deserves.  Honestly, I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve heard/read the phrase “The show is hit or miss for me, but I love Jane Lynch so much that I’ll watch regardless.”  Though now that the showrunners seem to be aware that she’s a standout,  I am a little worried that they’re going to overexpose her, you know?

Jane Lynch Sue Sylvester Treadmill Glee

I haven’t seen this week’s episode (when Sue comes in and co-leads the Glee club), so I can’t speak to it, but I’m hoping that they can begin to develop the character a bit. That’d be great, and I bet Lynch would rock it. I’m  not suggesting that the show add a sympathetic backstory or a developmentally-disabled nephew or something, but a little depth would go a long way. If the role is just going to be more takes on the “Terrifying, manly cougar who is hilariously confident” role that Lynch does so well, it could get stale.

Then again, who am I kidding?  I’d tune in just to watch her berate cheerleaders while on the treadmill.

So anyway, the show has totally got me.  It’s frequently hilarious, and aside from the way they make the vocals sound, the music is really great.  That Bon Jovi/Usher mashup was legit, man – super clever way to mix the tunes together.  I respect the choice to not go with Livin’ on a Prayer, too (even though it is the exact same song as “It’s My Life”), since the latter tune worked better with Finn’s theme and story.

And more than anything, Glee just has so many moments that crack me up, and jokes that hit home, seeing as how I do spend a good amount of time teaching music to teenagers.  Also, last week’s episode may have featured my favorite exchange in a while:

Glee Mash-Up Definition 1

WILL: "Here's the deal: Two teams, Boys vs. Girls. One week from today, you will each perform a 'mash-up' of your choice."

Glee Mash-Up Definition 2

PUCK: "What's a... Mash-up?"

Glee Mash-Up Definition 3

WILL: "A 'Mash-up' is when you take two songs and you mash them together to create an even richer Explosion of Musical Expression."


KIRK: (Falls out of chair laughing)


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  1. thesoniashow October 15, 2009 at 1:40 pm #

    I love, LOVE this show, but I must say … the fake pregnancy storyline is weak; very weak. It takes away from the more entertaining parts of the show. In other words, I think the show needs to stick to the school and not on Will’s home life.

    • Kirk October 15, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

      Yeah, I agree… that particular plot thread doesn’t really have anywhere interesting to go… and really, the same can be said for the whole “we need to get ready for regionals!” thing.

      You know, honestly, I kind of think that most of the “plots” on the show don’t really have much to say or anywhere interesting to go, but the whole thing is done so entertainingly!

    • Kirk October 16, 2009 at 7:49 am #

      So, did you see this week’s episode? I watched it last night, and really enjoyed it – not only did they give Sue’s character some depth for, like, a second at the end, but the scene where all the kids were hanging out and singing together (and actually just all singing together, no studio magic or autotune), and really playing instruments was really cool.

      As triumphant as the super-pop autotuned stuff can be, there’s no substitute for a whole bunch of people in a room singing together, and it’s nice to see that the folks making the show get that.

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