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17 Sep

Thats A Lotta HitsSo, yesterday, for some reason, the kind and generous folks at wordpress decided that my post about the video montage I made deserved to be featured as one of eight or so “freshly pressed” posts on their homepage. By the end of the day, I had over 1,500 hits on the page, which, well, is just a little bit more than I get on a usual day.

So, um… Holy Hell!  Thank you WordPress!   I’m not sure what I did to deserve that, but I’m so glad you decided to share that post, instead of the one from the day before about Patrick Swayze.

More than anything, getting so many hits made me want to share the love, so I thought I’d post a list of some of the blogs I read, with the hope that some of you will click through and give them a read.

Of course, I read the same giant, famous blogs as everyone else (Gawker, HuffPost, Idolator, Sullivan), but what follows is a list of five blogs that are less well-known than those, but no less awesome. All are bookmarkables that you should check out.

I'll Flip You For Real

I’ll Flip You. Flip You For Real is written by San Francisco culture journo Beth Spotswood, and oh, man, is it a good time. Hers was the first SF scene/culture blog I started reading shortly after I moved out here, and while I don’t actually know Beth (read: “Spots”),  I feel like I do, after years of reading about her on-again-off-again one-sided love affair with Gavin, her adventures in SF bars and dives that I had never even heard of, let alone been to, and her stories  of the the always-engaging randomania one encounters being a culture journalist in San Francisco.  If you live in SF, this blog is a must-read.

Always More To Hear

Always More to Hear is a music blog by the fantastic Jamie Friedman, a writer and musician in the bay area. Her blog is written from a place of subjective personal experience of music, which I find far preferable to the tendency of so many music blogs to annoit themselves the Arbiters of What Is Good And Hip In Music. Plus, today is her one-year blogiversary!

Lo Resolution

Low Resolution is written by Joe Reid, who used to write for Television Without Pity back in its heyday.  After that site was… changed, yeah, let’s say changed, by Bravo and NBC, Joe has moved on to other things, writing for Soapnet and The Film Experience, among other great blogs.  Joe’s opinions on film and television are always funny and interesting, and he has recommended many a great film that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


Tapeworthy is the blog of Vance Hues, a TV and Theatre writer who lives in Canada.  Vance write tons of great stuff about broadway, theatre, films, and, of course, So You Think You Can Dance, and contributes to Joe’s awesome post-show round tables at Low Resolution.  Vance is really fast about getting tons of video up really quickly after a given night of SYTYCD, and is a highly recommended first stop for post-show analysis.

Heist Jewelry

Heist Jewelry is the blog of Jewlery designer and all-around-cool-chick Tiffany Zadi, who I know from school.  I really enjoy her posts, and it’s nice having someone to read who is as aware of the fashion and art worlds as she is. I’m not the most fashionable dude, so it’s cool to see what’s happening in that world.


So there ya have it.  Five blogs that I highly recommend checking out, all of whom should be getting thousands of hits not just one random day, but every day.  Other great sites that I dearly love include Insult Swordfighting, TheSoniaShow, Tomato Nation, My New Plaid Pants, and The House Next Door.

Also, for all who stopped by yesterday, I feel I should note that I’m not actually that obsessed with Trader Joe’s food and the 6 Parnassus. I do really like Papalote salsa that much, though.

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