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11 Sep

Glee!More Gleeful, To Be Sure– So, I watched the second episode of Glee, and the show has gotten a little bit clearer, at least in terms of some of the questions I had about the nature of the show’s reality.  The scene in which our drama queen prima donna was standing in the hallway, singing at the object of her crush as he obliviously talked to his girlfriend, made it clear that we are fully in “musical reality,” so, more fantasy than gritty realism.  But the show still has some serious consistency issues – one minute, we’re watching overwrought but enjoyable musical numbers, and the next, two female characters are joking about bulimia, and how a girl high schooler’s lack of a gag reflex will be really valuable later in life. Woah, horsey!  That was a funny joke, but dang.  Sepinwall reviewed the start of the season, and has some similar issues… I’ll still be watching, since it’s funny, and totally fun, but still… questions remain.

The Beatles Rock BandLet It Be?– The Beatles: Rock Band is out, and by most accounts, it is awesome.  Not everyone’s so taken with the game, however – Mitch Krpata at Insult Swordfighting has an interesting take on it – mainly, that due to the reverence that the original shows to the Fab Four, it makes it feel like you are merely going through the motions, that the game “elevates the Beatles over the player.”  It is indeed no small distinction, and a big part of why Beatles fans so much enjoy the game, while folks who didn’t grow up worshipping them (present company included) may not get quite the same level of joy out of it.  However: I gotta say, when you’re dealing with something that is as sacred to as many people as the Beatles Ouvre, I think it might be better to err on the side of caution.  If you’ve been watching the debacle about the inclusion of Kurt Cobain’s likeness in Guitar Hero 5 (in addition to Nirvana songs, you can make him sing, like, Bon Jovi), you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The Chain-Link Fence Was Cool, Though-– As you may recall, I did not particularly care for The Final Destination.  Neither did Dustin Rowles at Pajiba, and he puts his problems with the film far more succinctly than I could.

Too Many Beasts– Many have discussed the recent takeover of Marvel by Disney, but my favorite take on it might be by Penny Arcade. Beast redundancies, indeed.

Rogan=Sandler?– Mick LaSalle wrote a really interesting column in the Chronicle about the transient nature of a comedian’s popularity. Something that’s been hashed over before, but a well-articulated take on the question, nonetheless.

Birds on WireNot The Goldie Hawn Movie– I’m all for looking to the natural world for inspiration, hearing the sounds around you and turning them into music. It’s a great way to get outside of your head, out of whatever rhythms and melodies you’ve been kicking around – this takes it to an absolutely beautiful new level.

The Peggle-Drain Solution– Coming to a store near you: solar-powered iPhone cases that charge the phone.  WOW. I want this, like, so much.  Amazing.

Megan Fox, Possibly Cool. Possibly Joe at LowRes looks forward to the films of the fall – he’s looking forward to Jennifer’s Body, and I gotta say – so am I!  I kinda think it’s going to be awesome… here’s hoping, anyway.  I have this feeling that Diablo Cody is really going to deliver, and, well, Amanda Seyfried!

I Leave You With This– Did you know that there is a Sherlock Holmes movie coming out?  Starring Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes?  And Jude Law as Watson?  And it’s directed by Guy Richie?  Because, damn.  The trailer may look a bit action-packed, but you can’t deny that this is going to be a fun movie.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 Responses to “Murfins and Burgalinks”

  1. Frankie September 13, 2009 at 1:33 am #

    Many comments!

    1. I really enjoy the Beatles: Rock Band! It’s so much fun singing some of your favorite Beatles songs with friends!! 🙂
    2. HILARIOUS penny arcade comic!
    3. BEAUTIFUL (bird on wire) music!
    4. Sweet solar powered iPhone skin!
    5. I DID already know about the Sherlock Holmes movie! I’m definitely excited!

    • Kirk September 13, 2009 at 8:22 am #

      Cool! I’m glad to hear that B:RB holds up. The impression I get is that it’s quite a bit different than RB2, but in a good way. I think Dan’s gonna get it, so I’ll play it at his place. And yeah – isn’t that birds on wire thing rad? Very, very fun to watch.

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