Last Night’s Show @ Rickshaw Stop

4 Sep

Okay, okay. I don’t think I can seriously expect myself to write a cogent break-down of the show or anything… there was just too much. There were many photographers in attendance, as well as a videographer, and we got some great audio from the house and the board, so I’ll be mixing together some video at some point, as well as getting all the pictures together into one place.

But OH. MY. GOD. THAT WAS AMAZING. I can’t believe how many people came out, how warm and awesome the crowd was, how far their energy pushed us. I’m flipping through the pictures that Mike took, and I just I can’t get my head around it. Damn.

Kirk Looping

I can't believe how well the looping went, and how fun it was to finally do the full-band surprise at the end.

Tom and Todd

I can't believe the band that I managed to put together, and how ridiculously well they played after only one (ONE!) full-band rehearsal.

It's peeeeople

I couldn't believe it when I looked out over all the heads,

Kirk And Lindsay

when Lindsay and I sang to them,

Dan IS the Mayor

and when Dan (and Khamara!) brought the HOUSE DOWN on "The Mayor."

Dan Nervo

I can't believe the balls on Dan Nervo.

Tim's Awesome Juno

I can't believe how cool Kevin and Tim from Blue Rabbit were for letting us use their drums and keyboard. I couldn't believe the whole part where I was playing keyboard, actually... I've never done that before.

Timmy On The Drums

I couldn't believe I got to play with Timmy again,

The Foxy Fox

and that I got to be there when he and Fox performed together.

Todd, Danny, and Mike

I couldn't believe the horns.

Mike Olmos!

I couldn't BELIEVE Mike Olmos.

Llama Plays The Xylo

and I couldn't believe how Dan made even playing the xylophone look cool.

Conspiracy of Venus

I STILL can't believe how great Conspiracy of Venus was, how much Blue Rabbit rocked (I'll have pics soon!), and how fun it was to play with them.


There are so many more things I can’t believe, but most of all I can’t believe it’s over. We did it! Oh my God! Thank you so much to Waldo, Dan, Christopher, Chris and everyone else at the Rickshaw Stop for rocking so hard, and THANK YOU to everyone who came out… it felt as though every single human I know in this entire amazing city was there, and so many more wonderful new friends… it meant so much, I can’t even say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will have video, audio, and many more pictures online in the next few days, and we’ll really try to work out something special with the video. Until then, well… time to start getting ready for the next one. Thank you San Francisco!!


2 Responses to “Last Night’s Show @ Rickshaw Stop”

  1. thesoniashow September 4, 2009 at 8:33 am #

    No, no. Thank you, Kirk! Great show!

  2. Heather Anderson September 4, 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    Yay Kirk! How you possibly had the braincells to type this up the morning after I have no idea – it’s almost as amazing as the show! I’m still at work, operating at a low neuron frequency…….a dim pulse……..after barting home ’round 3 am……….. I’ll get you pics soon I hope! I’m ready for round two!

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