Adam Theis’s Hip-Hop Symphony, This Weekend @ Yoshi’s!

20 Aug

Adam Theis's Brass Bows and BeatsI am really stoked to go see ami d’trombone Adam Theis put on an encore performance of his bloody incredible “Brass Bows and Beats: A Hip-Hop Symphony” tonight at Yoshi’s SF!  I saw the premiere at the Palace of Fine Arts back and was totally and utterly blown away.  It should be so much fun to see it performed in a smaller space, and to be able to take all the people who didn’t get to see it last time!

It’s this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Yoshi’s in SF – there are two shows each night, one at 8 and one at 10. I highly recommend getting tickets in advance (which you can do through the Yoshi’s site here), since the show will most likely sell out.

If you want to be sold on going, check out my exuberant, (frankly, overwhelmed) reaction to the premiere, or check any of the show previews at KTVU, JamBase, The SF Examiner, and East Bay Express. You can also preview tracks from about-to-be-released recording of the symphony at the Jazz Mafia Website.

People. For real. GO TO THIS.  It’s more local talent than you may ever see on one stage again, but even more importantly, it’s an incredible amount of fun.

Adam's Hip Hop Symphony Photo by Bill Evans

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