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14 Aug

Well, this week has certainly been a wash for posting, huh?  Fortunately, everyone else on the internet isn’t busy dealing with promotion and practicing, and they’s a bunch of great stuff out there.  So, without further ado:

74lpdeluxe-6–Rest In Peace, Les– One of the great legends of the guitar has passed; as a guitarist, he was amazing, and as an inventor, he was responsible for many of the innovations that made rock ‘n roll possible.  I mean, the dude basically invented the electric guitar.  But if that’s not enough, he also developed multi-track recording, tape delay, phasing, and, like, the eighth note.  For real – not many people knew enough about him, but I really recommend reading either the retrospective on the Gibson site or, if you’re looking for something with a bit less corproate synergy, his Wikipedia entry.

–On The Edge of A White Paige– See what I did there?  Director Davis Guggenheim (who also worked on Deadwood) has made a documentary about Jack White, Jimmy Paige, and The Edge, that is, apparently, quite good.  Salon’s wonderful Stephanie Zacharek has a short write-up that has me really wanting to see the film.

–As Sheriff Bullock Goes, So Goes The Viewing Public– Timothy Olyphant is going to be in a new show on FX called “Lawman,” and though this trailer for it is about as cliched as it gets, it’s still pretty sweet to see the man don a cowboy hat and stare down a gun again.  My god, why won’t they just make the stupid Deadwood movies?  Why?  Anyway, this show has about a 70% chance of sucking, but I’ll be paying attention, cuz you never know.

–The Date Rape Scene in Sixteen Candles– You know, I always had this same thought about Sixteen Candles – “Why does this movie that everyone loves so much have a date-rape scene?” – so when I saw this post on Salon’s female-centric blog Broadsheet, I took a look.  Turns out, the post is actually a pretty interesting look at the conflict that John Hughes wrote into his films, and makes an interesting, if not wholly convincing, case for why that sort of violation boys-will-be-boys stuff worked, artistically.  I’m not so sure – that scene when the nerd checks out the passed out chicks underwear really skeeves me out.

504x_dementium–Scarier than Animal Crossing, Anyway– My buddy Andrew’s development studio Renegade Kid has a new game, Dementium 2, and it’s been voted scariest game cover of 2009.  Well, that’s not an official award or anything, but Kotaku certainly thinks it’s pretty freaky, and dude, I agree.  Sweet.  Considering that the platform is mostly devoted to cooking games, baby games, and games in which babies cook, who knows what “hand climbing from throat to grab face” will really do in terms of moving product, but it’s damn cool!

–Speaking of “Scary”– Sometimes it’s really fun to read a brutally scathing review of an awful movie that you’ll never see – such is the case with CHUD’s review of “The Collector,” a film which I barely remember being in theatres.  “The Collector is a retard.”  HA!

–Guitar Hero Doesn’t Get It– So, after all of the fawning press given to Harmonix’s recently announced Rock Band Network (a tiny percentage of which was given by me), it would appear that Activision is responding in kind by… making super-crappy their built-in music studio work better. Classic, Microsoft-level mistake – build yourself into a product that is inferior, then spend years polishing that turd while your competition changes the entire paradigm.  I’m sure that Activision will figure it out just in time for Harmonix to invent some other new idea and eat their lunch again.  Acti-fail.

bannerbox_hitchhiker--article_image–Sexy Texting Isn’t New– Oh, man, Nerds rejoice – and while you’re rejoicing, check out this list of the 7 sexiest text-based adventure games.  This takes me back, and I mean, back, to the very beginning.  Really, it starts out with the games I know – The Hitchhiker’s Guide game was amazing, and I hadn’t read the book, so I had no idea what the hell was even going on.  “You see nothing special about Trillian.”  I’ve never played any of the other games, but they’re worth reading through, just to remember what we all used to call a video game.

–Turning an LOL into an OMG– The latest version of Auto-Tune The News is up, and it’s pretty damn funny.  It doesn’t reach the incredible heights that episode six did, but all the same, it’s got some great moments.  Easy on all the notes, guys, and keep experimenting with genres outside of the shawtayee Kanye jam.  We can only hear the same R ‘n B riffing so many times before it starts to sound tired.  Try country, or work with house or electro for a while!  Seriously.  There’s a whole world of styles out there.

–Anyone Can Play Guitar– Radiohead’s recording some new material, which is cool, and they’re still pushing the internet as an album-busting, distribution-redefining, game-changing revolutionizer, which is cooler.  Their new single has leaked, and it’s pretty flippin’ cool – it’s nice to know that these guys will be out there, making music, for as long as they’re breathing.

–I Leave You With This– Have you seen “Simon’s Cat?”  Because dude, Simon’s cat is every cat.  He is the alpha cat, the omega cat. He is my sister’s cat, he is your cat.  This latest video is totally amazing, in particular the part immediately after the cat catches the fly.  If you’ve ever hung out with a cat, you’ll see what I’m talking about… it’s perfect:

Have a great weekend everybody!  I’ve got a backlog of things I want to talk about, and some great shows I saw this week, so if I have a couple of free hours, I’ll put that stuff together.  Enjoy the weather, and get thee to a yoga class. It’ll make you feel good, then kinda nauseous, then good again.


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  1. Youkster August 14, 2009 at 12:07 pm #

    I didn’t know Les dies yesterday! That sucks. He lived pretty long though….

  2. Youkster August 14, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    Oh my god. The cat video. As I was watching it, I was thinking, this is sooooo true!!!! It’s so perfect! And they always want to show things to you…
    I went to my yoga class, and booked 6 more classes for the next two weeks. I’m going to Korea in Sep, but I was thinking about having my birthday dinner before I go if I can manage the time… I’ll keep you posted!

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