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7 Aug

Almost Famous Title Screen–How Movies Say Hello– The Movie Title Stills Collection (that is a real thing?) has put up a browsable database of notable title screens from movies throughout the decades.  It is totally awesome, and fascinating to see how title screens have changed over the years.  There used to be so much information!

–Rock Band, The Teacher’s Tool– Michael Abbott over at The Brainy Gamer has put a really interesting post about Rock Band as musical instructor.  My thoughts are down in the comments, but suffice to say, I think that the game is a fantastic teaching tool, and as it continues to evolve and grow ever-more nuanced, it will only get better.

Max Scribblenauts–Scribble, Scribble– Speaking of games, the other “endless possibilities” game that I’m mondo stoked for is 5th Cell’s Scribblenauts.  Over at Kotaku, Stephen Totilo took 16 attempts at a level before he beat it, and he documented each one. I’ve found game previews to be troubling before, giving away too much in advance and spoiling the experience, but Scribblenauts presents SO many possible solutions to a given problem that this article is just fascinating, nothing more.  Can’t wait for this one to launch.

–So You Think You Can (be a) Downer– Oh, boy, I’m going to find excuses to do lame “SYT” puns for the rest of eternity.  So, yay, Jeanine won! Vance at Tapeworthy is appropriately happy, as, I’m sure, are the rest of the Jeanine love-train. (It runs on the same tracks as the Hot Tamale Train.) However, Juliet Waters (she of the camera-related rage) is a bit of a crazy wet-blanket, and her post regarding the finale (though not the result) is pretty enjoyable, in a hateriffic sort of way.

–Live Every Week Like It’s…– Fuckin’ shark week, yo! GamesRadar has posted a hilarious compendium of the best video-game shark attacks of all time.  The videos are awesome, and dude – the winner, the Jaws Game?  Woah, that is a weird game.  I’ll confess, my favorite part of the whole article is where they talk about why, on earth, you would want to play as this dumb asshole:



–Mostly, They Come At Night– Thanks again to MNPP, I found Stacie Ponder’s blog Final Girl, a truly awesome site dedicated to slasher/horror flicks from ago and today.  Highlighted post was this list of her favorite anonomyous zombie movie zombies, but really, the whole site is freakin’ sweet.  Check it.

Ferris Is The Walrus–RIP, John Hughes– Oh, sad, sad, sad. The man who made Ferris, a movie that is forever burned into my brain, the taped-from-TV VHS I watched every single time I stayed home sick from school is with us no longer.  Throwing Things has a bunch of reactions and thoughts, and I don’t have much to add.  As Nervo said to me last night, “These days, it feels like we’re watching the 80’s die right before our eyes.”

–RIP, Pauler– Well, it’s all but official – Paula Abdul won’t be returning to Idol next year.  I think that Randy and Kara shoulda gone first, but we’ve been over this.  Sepinwall concurs, and puts it quite well – this show needs a shakeup, man.  Also: please don’t get any Paula in my freakin’ SYTYCD.  Please!!

–Paper Music, Brain Music– Last, but certainly not least, is a wonderful little video that has been making its way around Facebook.  In it, Bobby McFerrin leads the audience through the pentatonic scale, teaching them a bit, and then letting their inner melodic compass take over.  It’s a small, simple, and absolutely beautiful demonstration of the universality of music.

Have a great weekend, folks – I’m off to see some shows, so I’ll probably write about ’em tomorrow or Sunday.  If you’re in SF, don’t take this weather for granted – get out there and enjoy it!  Also, the Sun Goddess told me to tell you that tithing never goes out of style, so a percentage of your crops or your W-2 would be appreciated.

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