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31 Jul

REU TELEVISION-AMERICANIDOL/–Captain TryHard Returns– It’s official – lamer Kara DioGuardi will be returning to Idol.  I’m not totally convinced that this is a bad thing; there’s a chance that she’ll take the off-season to reflect on what she could be doing better and will return with a newfound focus and determination to offer real critical feedback.  Orrrrr…. she’ll be the exact same, everyone else will be the same too, and without a Lambert, the show will be brutally uninteresting and I’ll stop watching.  Hmm.  Which do you think is more likely?  Anyway – Idolator’s got the scoop, and an interesting poll, too.

–Fantastic? Remains to be seen– The trailer for Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion film adaptation of The Fantastic Mr. Fox is up, and Pajiba’s posted it, along with an interesting take on it.  I agree – it’s distracting to hear Clooney’s voice coming from Mr. Fox, and the whole thing has such an Oceans Eleven by way of Royal Tenenbaums thing going on that it’s hard to figure out what, exactly, the goal of the film is.  I’ll see it, though, that’s for sure.  At least Anderson’s not resting on his laurels – I majorly enjoyed The Darjeeling Limited, and have a feeling that when all’s said and done, Fox will be really good.

–The Last Child vs. The Little Children– If you’ve been missing out on Joe R’s Low Resolution Trailer Tournament, now’s your last chance to vote.  It comes down to Children of Men vs. Little Children, and is actually a kind of hard vote.  I didn’t see Little Children, but I read the book, and while I appreciate the trailer, it seems a little more intense than the actual story, and a bit misleading.  Children of Men’s trailer, however, is kind of an abridged version of the movie, but I totally, utterly love that movie, so… it’s hard.  I had to follow my heart and vote for Children of Men.  Go vote!

Palin Redline Detail–Find That Woman An Editor– I’m sure y’all have already seen this, but a week or so ago, Vanity Fair published an edited “Redline” version of Sarah Palin’s first resignation speech.  It’s pretty amazing – on one level, it’s funny because it points out all of the ridiculous errors in the speech, and on another level, it actually turns it into a good speech, which is almost more amazing. Also worth noting is that this is the same Vanity Fair that published the brutally incisive expose on Palin merely a week before she resigned her office.  Oh, whoops, I meant her “title.”

–I’ll Have A Bud Light Lime, Mr. President– Speaking of politics, The New Yorker published this imagined transcript of the conversation between Obama, Officer Crowley, and Louis Gates after getting together to have a beer.  Or, from the looks of it, a couple cases of beer.  This was published before Obama went ahead and actually made it happen, which is pretty funny – I’m not sure whether the tone of the article is “wouldn’t it be sweet if they actually did this??” but regardless, they did, and we can only hope that their conversation was one tenth as funny as the New Yorker imagines.

–Real Band, Fake Plastic Instruments– Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra and Sexy Videogameland, recently got together with Brooklyn beard-rockers Gunfight! to see if they were better at Rock Band than people who don’t play instruments.  While the answer to that question isn’t all that interesting (They are!  Some of the time!), the article itself is a fun read, particularly the band’s thoughts on the whole thing.

Eliza Dollhouse–How to Really Watch Dollhouse– Via MNPP, I’ve found this post at io9, which discusses some experimental, possibly optimal ways to watch Dollhouse on DVD.  It’s pretty wild that this show has been so altered by the network that it’s possible to watch the unaired pilot, the final episode, and the unaired bonus episode (which I just saw) and get a better sense of the show than you would just watching the 12 episodes FOX aired.  I mean, that’s 66.6% unaired material. The hell?  Get your shit together, FOX, and let Joss do his job in season 2.

–Joe Bagale, Joe Bagale, Joe Bagale– He is this guy, you know?  He plays several instruments, and he also sings a little bit.  Oh, wait.  I mean, he is a sick guitarist, burning drummer, and absolutely unbelievable singer.  The guy who practically stole the show at Adam’s Hip-Hop Symphony is performing all over the place with his own band, and it’s totally great stuff.  He’ll be playing at Yoshi’s in SF tonight, and I predict awesomeness.  Don’t take my word for it, though, check out this video – it’s like cliff’s notes for a whole show-

Should be a fun weekend, and let’s hope that this stupid flippin’ fog clears up.  Hasta Luego!

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