So I Think Lil’ C Just Blew My Mind

30 Jul

Lil C Top Six SYTYCDWow.  I’ve said it before – I, for one, love SYTYCD’s Lil’ C’s particular brand of multisyllabic wordsmithery, but I believe that last night, the man really outdid himself.  At the end of Brandon and Kayla’s (outstanding, if a bit exhausting) Disco routine, we were treated to the following:

“Um… *sigh.*  Being out of your comfort zone represents unfamiliarity, and it also represents darkness.  And when faced with certain challenges, like being out of the comfort zone of your genre, you have to go and befriend characteristics of your challenge.  You have to go and see the music, and when you see the music, you have to see certain pieces of music with your ears, and when you see with your ears, there is no darkness, and I saw no darkness within this routine.”

When I watch C say it, it sounds like he’s sort of bullshitting, but when I read the words on their own, I gotta admit – it’s pretty brilliant stuff.  I don’t know what he means, exactly, but the gist is gotten. It certainly makes me wish I could see the world the way he sees it. He followed up with this gem:

“A lot of dancers they tend to forget that there’s a pocket of music; each specific piece of music has a pocket, and you have to get in between the instruments, you feel me?”

Yeah, C, we feel you. That was, as you might say, a total “Explosion of Excellence(TM).”  It almost feels as though C has heard the mocking/adoring clarion call of the internets and is now playing to the cheap seats, but I for one, don’t care. Between Nigel’s show-pimping, awkward divorce-referencing, goofy white-guy-dancing dorkiness, Mary’s yelling-tempered-with-shockingly-incisive-feedback caterwauling, and C’s stratospheric, meandering vernacular (not to mention Mia’s own brand of insane-cat-woman-from-mars critical devouring), I just love watching the judges on this show do their thing.  And dear lord, they’re so much more enjoyable than Empty Chair, Captain TryHard, Drugged Lady, and Pricky McTightshirt on that other FOX competitive reality show.

Kayla Brandon Disco


Okay, um… other thoughts on last night…  I’m in the tank for Jeanine at this point, though I think that Kayla is a pretty phenomenal dancer.  I’m surprised that this year, I’m consistently enjoying the solo routines more than most of the duets – I thought that nearly every single dancer did really well with their solos, though Evan’s shrugging jazz stuff kind of grates on me a bit. I think that Melissa’s was really weak, too, which gives her two lame solos these past two weeks, and that she really should go home tonight.

And though I didn’t love his routines, Evan really impressed me – it’s easy to see the pasty little guy and think that he’s this pantywaist, no match for Ade and Brandon, but the way that he just rocked the moves in the guy’s group-dance speaks to his athleticism, as well as his cajones.  He should go home, but so should Ade, who is increasingly striking me as an empty shirt, a smiling dude who’s kind of shallow. Gotta love that eight-foot vertical, though.

Anyway, rambling complete – not a stellar night, but some good stuff. I predict that Ade and Melissa will go home, which seems about right. I’m really interested to see who wins this thing, though I’m not at all certain I’m ready for another season of this show to start in the fall.  This season has had its moments, but it’s just a B-minus for me, and following the A-plus that was season four, it’s kind of a drag. But hey, as long as they keep the judges around, I’ll tune in.

You say you want more detailed analysis? Well then, check out the as-usual solid write-ups by Vance at Tapeworthy (with whom I agree about just about everything this week) and Joe’s roundtable at Low Resolution.


8 Responses to “So I Think Lil’ C Just Blew My Mind”

  1. sue kleiner July 30, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    Dear Kirk, You are ,without a doubt, the most eloquent writer ever. I respect your knowledge, humor and honesty -your vocabulary is to be admired! Whether recently or in the past, I cannot stop until I have read every word of your works. You have wonderful insight and display an approach that is engaging and personal. Keep writing-and of course, keep playing! Take care. ( I saved the piece that you had written about Russ-so touching-and personal!!)

    • Kirk July 30, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

      Sue Kleiner! You made my day! That almost has to be the nicest thing anyone has ever written about a post concerning “So You Think You Can Dance.” I’m so glad you’re enjoying the randomness that is Murfins.

      It was awesome seeing you guys the other week – I think I’m going to be doing a tour up to Portland in October, so I’ll see Russ then (I might even be doing a show with Sam’s band!) I can’t wait.

      Hope all is well, and thanks again!

  2. Vance July 30, 2009 at 11:14 pm #

    Well, we were right about the results. A friend of mine thinks it’s now Brandon’s for the taking but I think it’ll be down between the girls (unless they split the vote and let Evan sneak up the middle).

    Hey, at least you have a month before the next SYTYCD. We have 1 week before SYTYCD Canada starts. I mean, last years dancers were AMAZING but I’m not sure I’m ready for Jean Marc Genereux trying to be Nigel all just yet. (And don’t even get me started when the two versions start overlapping. It’ll be 5.5 hours of SYTYCD every week. Even I say that may be too much. And I LOVE this show).

    • Kirk July 31, 2009 at 8:30 am #

      Concur! I’m surprised to actually be right about a prediction with this show – seems like it’s always set to do the unexpected thing. But I totally agree – I think it’s def. going to be down to the two girls. My roommate pointed out that a girl has only one once before – is that right? Pretty crazy, if true, and that means it’s time.

      Very interested to see how it turns out. And good lord, I can’t imagine trying to watch 5.5 hours of SYTYCD a week. That’s, like, watching Fellowship and Two Towers every week, only with more dancing, less horse riding, and ads.

      What’s funny is that I don’t think of the challenge presented by watching SYTYCD in the fall as, like, “but I’ll have class, and so many rehearsals, and need time to work on music” or whatever, but more in terms of “but there’ll be so many other shows on in the fall!”

  3. Vance August 1, 2009 at 11:27 pm #

    Yah, Only Sabra has won and she was a slow rise to the top. Kind of came out of nowhere and consistently impressed but I don’t think anybody thought she would be REALLY in the running until the last few weeks. (Kinda like Jeanine). Incidentally, Evan reminds me most of Neil from that season who was also much maligned during the season for using his gymnastic tricks to land in the Top 4 but since, has had a successful musical career and seen as one of the best from the show.

    Yah, I LOVE me some SYTYCD but they’re lucky Lost isn’t until the new year. It’s main advantage is that I think it’s in a slot up against very little. (NCIS or one of those things I ignore on CBS, another show I’ll probably ignore on NBC and the new ABC comedy lineup, some of which is getting good word of mouth, and one that is not).

    • Kirk August 2, 2009 at 11:11 pm #

      You know, you’re right – three of the shows I watch (Lost, Chuck, FNL) aren’t even coming back until next year, and the other ones are either over (The Wire, Battlestar), canceled (Daisies), or I’m over them (Gossip Girl). Or, they’re summer or 13-ep shows that’ll end by October (Mad Men, True Blood)

      Other than Dollhouse and NBC’s thursday shows, that actually leaves the fall pretty open. We shall see.

      (Also: do I really have that strong a grasp on the fall TV schedule? Wow. When did I start, like, reading updates from the TCA tour?)

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