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24 Jul

PaulaAbdul_Crying–Hey, Hey, Paula– If the warring sides of the rumor mill are to be believed, it looks as though Paul Abdul is possibly not coming back to American Idol.  I can’t say that’s a surprise – though I kinda doubt that we’ll really lose Pauler, it’s been interesting to read people’s reactions as the rumor has reverberated around the internets.  In particular, I was a bit taken aback by Salon TV Critic Heather Harvelesky’s thoughts on the subject. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Harvelesky’s opinions (I prefer the musings of her film-critic companion, the always-unique Stephanie Zacharek), and I think it’s surprising that Heather places both Randy and Kara above Paula in terms of usefulness to the show. I couldn’t disagree more. As I made clear a little while back, I think Randy is beyond useless, and Kara too – at least Paula offers moral support to the singers, and say what you will about that, as contestants are going through the Idol’s emotional gauntlet, they need that support. Get rid of Randy and Kara and bring in some producer-y badass like, I dunno, Quincy Jones or something, and the show would get cooking.  Hey, here’s someone who agrees – the amazing Michael Slezak from EW’s (incredible) Idolatry Videos has a column up that argues the point I just made far more effectively than I ever could.  Bonus points for pointing out how vastly superior the judges on SYTYCD are to those on Idol.

–You Taste Like A Burger– One of my favorite movie-review sites, Pajiba, has lately gotten into the habit out of reviewing older films. Their retrospective series Hangover Theatre is a great one, wherein they write about the movies that are always on on Sunday afternoons and are great to watch while on the couch after a crazy night.  Think Demolition Man.  This retrospective review, however, is about one of my favorite movies of all time, Showalter and Wain’s Wet Hot American Summer. Also, I can’t believe that The State is out on DVD.  I gotta get me a copy.

–Work On Your Stage Presence, Boys and Girls– Nervo sent me this Catch 22 productions compendium of things to be aware of when contemplating one’s stage presence.  I, for one, am always working on little things like engaging more with the audience and making eye contact, and as smurfy and calculating as this post gets sometimes, I actually really like it.  So many bands I’ve seen don’t get that it’s not about being real or phony, it’s just about being something onstage, being honest while actually putting yourself out there.  It’s tough, but it makes performing way more fun, both for the performer, and the audience.  Also, lead singers, stop swearing at the crowd in between songs.  We get it.  You’re cool.

Digbycouch–Pushing Daisies Lives On, Sorta– At least the vibe, creator, and half of the creative concept lives on, or lived prior, in the pre-Daisies Showtime series Dead Like Me. I never saw the show, but now that both seasons are now available for free on Hulu, I’m watching. And enjoying it quite a bit – it’s like a balm for my still-mourning-the-loss-of-Pushing-Daisies heart.  So much of the show feels similar, and with the whimsy dialed way down from Daisies, which is actually sort of nice. I think that Ellen Muth is hilarious as George, in particular her Sarah Vowell-esque narration and any scene that requires that she tell a lie (this happens often, and George is a horrible liar).  Check out a few episodes – you’ll know fairly quickly if it’s for you.  Oh, and maybe this will get you to watch – it’s got Digby!!

–Mazeltov! Take it off!– This is some hilarious shit.  Gladstone at Cracked has done a “Hate By Numbers” recap of the latest Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling.”  Which might truly be the worst song ever written.  Because listen to it, and tell me, is there a worse song?  I dunno. Check this out – it will make you laugh.

Chuck ComicCon Poster Detail–Bartowski!!– My favorite TV Critic, Alan Sepinwall, is off at ComicCon moderating the panel on one of my favorite TV shows, Chuck.  In honor of that, he’s sent a link to the ComicCon poster for Chuck, which, as much as I’d love to embed it here, really has to be seen in High Res to be believed.  So. Awesome. I can’t believe we have to wait until 2010 for season three!

–Blond, I Presume– My New Plaid Pants’ “Thursday’s Way Not To Die” this week concerns my favorite scene from a Bond movie as far back as I can remember – maybe ever.  Really, my favorite part is the entire opening sequence of Casino Royale, but JA’s screengrab montage gets at what made it so cool. A brutal, physical, gritty as hell reintroduction to the spy we thought we knew.  Good times.

–The Awesomest Love Story Of All Time– Okay True Blood fans, I’ve got somethin’ for ya – the DFW of TV Recapping, crazy genius Jacob Clifton, continues to knock his TWoP recaps of that show out of the park.  His last few, in particular, do a great job of theorizing and getting to the heart of each character’s shit, and with digression and meditations to spare…  His thoughts on Maryann, as well as my absolute favorite part of S2 (putting Hoyt and Jessica together) are just brilliant. Check out the shorter “recaplet” of an episode from a few weeks back and you’ll know if it’s for you – if you can hang, though, you’re in for a lot of fun reading.

True Blood Jessica and Hoyt Kiss

–And All The Children Are Above-Average– And with that, I’ll be taking my leave for the weekend, heading to the Twin Cities to visit with family and friends, and spend some time enjoying Minnesota when it’s not covered in snow.  Maybe I’ll run into Al Franken while I’m there – I can ask him how this Sotomayor business is really going.  Or maybe I’ll just eat BBQ and go see Harry Potter at the Mall of America.  Either way, it should be a pretty great weekend.  Catch y’all on the flippy!


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  1. Lindsay July 24, 2009 at 5:57 am #

    So wait. When did you hear that Chuck is not coming back till 2010? That makes me sad… but also kind of relieved because I thought it was going to be canceled altogether. So what exactly is the dealio?

    • Kirk July 24, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

      NBC did renew it, but with a significantly reduced budget, and as far as I can recall, new episodes won’t air until 2010 (or maybe the end of 2009?). Apparently they might lose a few regular characters or something? I hope not, though – I’ve become pretty attached to the secondary characters.

      Jeffster for the win. I’d totally do a show with them.

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