Pianist Henry Hey Makes McCain and Palin Sing

22 Jul
John McCain Sings

Flyeee me to the moooon...

I’ve been talking a lot about Auto-Tune the News this past week – everyone I’ve shown the video to (and my post on the subject) agrees that it’s pretty damn amazing.  My addiction to issue #6 remains, though I haven’t been watching it as many times as I was, and damned if I’m not still noticing little jokes (the singers are called the “Congressional Congress,” the way that MJ’s attorney and Katie Couric join the final stacked chord on “Waking Up,” etc).

While in NYC, my buddy Landon, a fantastic jazz pianist I went to school with, showed me a couple of videos made by fellow NY jazz pianist Henry Hey.  In the videos, Hey plays piano along with campaign speeches and interviews given by John McCain and Sarah Palin, to hilarious, fascinating result.  The first one features a McCain speech and a Palin Interview:

Amazing!  Seriously, listen to it again – the modulation at the very start of McCain’s speech, the way that it speeds up and slows down so effortlessly with his strange speaking cadences (particularly when he gets confused about agree/disagree, haaaaaa)… and Palin!  Wow, whenever I hear her jumbled, confused-sounding speaking style (particularly in interviews), I cringe, but when it’s put to music, it’s actually staccato and interesting!  Here’s another Palin interview, really great stuff:

I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into doing these – while ATTN wears its slick production on its sleeve, Henry Hey’s videos make music out of politicians’ words in a much more organic, challenging way – that is to say, he uses his accompanying skills to literally make music out of their words!  Brilliant.

Hey is a total badass on his own, and one gets the sense that he does these videos more for the hell of it than anything, but even taken on their own, they make a pretty compelling case for any jazz vocalist to hire him.  I mean, if he can make Sarah Palin sound good, imagine what he could do for someone with talent!

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