Incendiary Magazine Reviews “The Exited Door”

22 Jul

Incendiary MagazineAnd they liiiiiked it!  Well, specifically, reviewer Damian Leslie liked it. This is the first review of the record online, so it was, somewhat understandably, a bit terrifying to read at first.  Thankfully, after some initial kvetching about how lame theatrical music is, Leslie goes ahead and lets the album win him over. Groovy.  Highlights include:

This is one of those rare treats that is so impeccably put together and so effortlessly charming that you’ll be willing to follow it wherever the hell it wants to take you. It’s like no other album you’ll pick up this year. Daft as a brush in many ways, although by no means a comedy or novelty album, it’s a blast from start to finish.

As well as

Everybody needs something as ridiculous as Lock You In The Attic in their catalogue. “So you’re a strange Pygmalion/ And just a bit Australian.” Just wait till they try to rap in the middle of it. It’s hilarious, in a good way.

The full review is here – good times.  I actually didn’t ever watch “Fame” growing up, though I have a feeling I know what he’s getting at.  I’m happy that I could win over a theatrical music skeptic… one down, fifty jillion to go.

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