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10 Jul

tifi-sparetire1–There, I Fixed It– Following the example of all the various “user-submitted picture of funny thing” websites out there comes There, I Fixed it, a hilarious celebration of good old American-style DIY MacGyvering.  Hit the link to see some creative (and somewhat disturbing) uses for duct tape, as well as what is most likely the stupidest use of a power-strip I’ve ever seen in my life.

–My #1 Favorite Thing is Ranking Things– No, seriously, I think that might be my favorite thing.  That or debating the over/underratedness of things, which I guess is just sort of a subcatergory of ranking things.  Anyway, if you like to rank things as much as I do, then you should get in on the beta of flickchart.  I’m still waiting for my acceptance email, though maybe they somehow heard about how much I like to rank things, and decided that I’d overload their servers.

–Apparently, Mariah Couldn’t Deal Either– Via twitter, everyone’s favorite butterfly apologized to the nation for sucking during her performance of “I’ll be There” at MJ’s funeral.  The reason she cites? Having Michael’s body right there in front of her the whole time.  Well, yeah.  I said the same thing. It’s gotta be tough to perform when corpses enter the equation.

–The Reason She Matters– I’ve been trying to figure out why, ever since her surprise resignation speech last week, I’ve been so re-obsessed with Madame Palin, and just as I was putting my finger on it, Andrew Sullivan articulated it far more clearly than I ever could.  Basically, it’s about McCain, and about the fact that she was almost elected Vice President.  I mean, this person we’ve been watching melt down this past week could’ve been in charge of America right now.  It’s the stuff of nightmares, of Cormac McCarthy books.  We can’t just let it slide – there are questions that must be answered.

308ee_mj-plate-225x300–What is it, 1987?– Joe from Low Res (whose movie trailer tournament is entering its final stages – go vote!) pointed out what might be the most depressing MJ cash-in out there.  I mean, seriously, who the hell DOES sell commemorative plates anymore?  Is there anything sadder?  Maybe, like, a commemorative coin, like the ones they were selling when Barack got elected. But damn, I dunno.  Plates emblazoned with the image of a dancing Michael… just… so tacky.

–We Have Iggy Pop And Blah Blah Blah– Man, I’ve undergone a cosmic shift in my enthusiasm for music/guitar video games.  Only eight months ago or so, I was espousing theories about how they would be a transformative force for music and games, and now, when I see the Guitar Hero 5 Track List, I could not give less of a flying shit. Can’t we just download tracks now?  Why the hell do we need a new game every year? It’s not like the hardware is going to be any different.  Just… like… can’t we play “Lust for Life” or “All Along The Watchtower” in one of these games already?  Jeez.  Bored now.

–Fugly Is The New Pretty– I’m sure that you know all about Go Fug Yourself, right?  You do, right?   You don’t?  Then what are you still doing here? Go check it out!  And you’re welcome.  My favorite posts are their imagined dialogues based on pictures of more than one person, like this recent one of the odd pairing of Cate Blanchett and Megan Fox.  Haaa.

–Leaving the Entourage– Alan Sepinwall’s seen the first few eps of the new season of Entourage (AKA the dumbest non-procedural show on television), and he’s had enough.  I’m right there with him. When was the last time that show was even funny? Who even cares anymore?  What was happening last season?  Some stuff with a movie, and maybe the Ramones or something, and… were they trying to change things up?  Was Vince not getting jobs? God. I just can’t care. At least this’ll free up time for Alan to write his awesome rewind reviews of The Wire.

tennis–Since You Wanted To Read The Best Thing Ever– I love Cary Tennis’ advice column on Salon, “Since You Asked,” like, this much (waves arms around). Going through the archives, it’s clear that by now, if you’ve got a question about your life, chances are Cary’s dealt with it, usually on more than one occasion.  This week’s column had a particularly amazing letter, sent by a busy mom who wants to learn the guitar but isn’t sure if she has time.  The letter itself is wonderfully written, refreshingly self-aware, and full of beautiful, simple language about the joys of music, and Cary’s response zeroes right in on the heart of the matter in equally cool fashion.

–Well, Someone’s Screaming– …but I think it might just be my overloaded awesome receptors.  Yesterday, I finished up my second “Albums Rediscovered” post, and in doing so, found some YouTube clips of the Screaming Headless Torsos playing live back in the 90’s.  The one below is of the tune “Smile and a Wave,” which shreds as hard live as it does in the studio.  Gene Lake is playing drums, and that’s Daniel Sadownick, I believe, playing percussion.  Keep a fire extinguisher handy, cuz your monitor’s gonna ignite:

I’m performing tonight (Friday) at Ronnie Cato’s Red Vic Sessions in the Haight at 10:00 – I’ll be joined by Lindsay and Nervo, it’s gonna be way fun.  Hope to see you there – have a great weekend!

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