“Middlesex” the TV Show?

7 Jul

middlesexIn an afternoon dominated by a strange funeral and pocked by other, smaller bits of bad/weird news, I almost forgot to mention that I came across a rumor on the pop-culture site Pajiba (whose writer, in turn, heard it from B&C’s website) that Jeffrey Eugenides’ fantastic novel Middlesex is – allegedly – being considered by HBO for adaptation into an hourly TV series.  To which I say, “Hell Yes!”

Assuming that the personnel rumors are true, I don’t know how Rita Wilson will do as an executive producer, though I do know that she produced “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” which is sort of like the lite, romantic comedy version of Middlesex, if that makes sense. So, that could be great!

And despite the rumored presence of Donald Margulies as head writer, I hope that Eugenides himself will be around as a writer or producer, as well.  In the novel, his incredibly well-crafted and personable narrator created a palpable sense of place, particularly during the bits set in 1980’s Detroit, and hopefully they’ll be able to get that transferred to the screen as faithfully as possible. Then again, if anyone other than Eugenides would get it right, seems seems like it’d be someone like Margulies, so… very cool.

With the right cast and timeslot, this could make for a fascinating, epic show.  When The Wire, The Sopranos, and Deadwood all went off the air (and John from Cincinnatti flopped), it felt like everyone was mourning the end of the golden age of HBO, but I dunno… In Treatment, True Blood, Big Love, the long-awaited pacific-themed follow up to Band of Brothers, and now Middlesex?

Sounds like a pretty killer line-up to me.

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