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3 Jul

autobot-logo–Michael Bay Is Well-Represented– …on Pajiba’s top fifteen worst blockbusters of all time list.  I feel like they made a revised version just because Transformers 2 was so bad.  “I need you like Ben Affleck needed acting school… he was terrible in that film.  Pearl Harbor Sucked.  And I miss you.”

–Tweet, Tweet, Tweet– I’m on Twitter. Are you? Well gosh, that’s nice. Let’s, like, tweet @ each other! #finally

–Close Election In The Trailer Park– Joe R. is doing a Movie Trailer tournament over at his blog, Low Resolution.  Various trailers from years gone by are pitted against one another, and you can vote for whichever one you think is better.  The most fun part is just re-watching the trailers themselves and remembering how they seemed when you saw them, as well as gauging how well they showed (masked) the quality (shittiness) of the actual film to come.  Cloverfield FTW!

–The Cameras in Canada– I shoulda linked to this before, but Juliet Waters wrote a really interesting piece for open Salon about the camera work on So You Think You Can Dance.  Basically, it’s severely lacking, and the work on the Canadian version of the show is far superior.  She has video to back it up, and I gotta say, she’s clearly right – it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the show, but it’s very interesting.

–Storms Are Brewing In Your Lies– The Palin crazy never quits – in fact, now that we’re getting a healthy distance away from last year’s election, it’s picking up steam again.  Some internal emails between her and Steve Schmidt have leaked, and are as weird as they are damning.  The lady just couldn’t have given two shits about actual facts, and had an unnerving ability to slightly unfocus her eyes and start speaking in truthiness.  At the drop of a hat.  It’s worth reading the email exchange (and analysis) that Sullivan’s posted.  I agree – the thought that she could have been a heartbeat away from the presidency right now is more than I can contemplate.  It literally boggles my mind.  I’m boggled.

Phoenix Wright Scribblenaut–Awesome Things Unite– Two of my favorite things right now, Phoenix Wright and Scribblenauts, come together in this Kotaku-posted artists’ rending of the kind of super-cool trademarked characters that we won’t be seeing in Scribblenauts.  It would be pretty damn cool to be able to type in “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

–Serious Dudes With Weapons– That’s what sells games, at least according to GamesRadar’s informal polling of 100 video game box-covers.  It’s a pretty hilarious read, and gives some insight into the stupid, stupid demographic quicksand that the video game industry is stuck in.  Jesus.  Enough with the space marines.  Then again, by the time the demo shifts, we’ll be downloading everything anyway, and we won’t need box-art at all.

–A Minotaur?  Are You Serious???– Just when I thought I had my finger on the amount I enjoy HBO’s True Blood (“A Large Amount”), they go and drop last week’s episode on me, and I realize that I had no idea how much I really love it (“Almost As Much As Burritos”). I mean, Shapeshifters, Vampires, Mind-Readers, A Maenad, and now a fucking Minotaur? So awesome. What makes it even better is that the incredible Jacob Clifton is recapping it at TWoP.  Seriously, check out his recaplet of last week’s episode, it’s brilliant.

–Hella Burning Troy– Ye Gods, the musicians I know.  My buddy Troy Roberts, an Aussie saxophonist who attended UMiami with me, has gone and made a video of two movements from his suite for “double-quartet” (Jazz quartet and string quartet).  It is absolutely, totally, utterly nutbars-level burning. I’m not kidding, check out the second movement here.  Konrad Paszkudzki plays piano, and sounds out of control, too, and check out Troy’s solo at around the 5:00 mark.  Holy crap.  He comes state-side not infrequently, and seeing him play live is even better. Below is the seventh movement, funky as hell, and with a crazy string arrangement and a SICK solo.  It would appear that things are getting out of hand down under.  Hey Troy!  A Pizza Hut, A Pizza Hut, You’re Fucking Awesome At Sax, and a Pizza Hut!

Have a great 4th, everybody!  Careful with those black cats and bottle rockets.  Wouldn’t wanna shoot your eye out.


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  1. Wendell Rodewald May 23, 2010 at 6:54 am #

    I completely love Justin Bieber. He is absolutely cute. I have never been more infatuated about a boy before. If he wanted, I would definitly be his girl. OMG! I feel so out of my mind.

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