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26 Jun

Fox Falls–Bay Windo(n’t)– Man, there is some hilarious rage going around the internets regarding Michael Bay’s new cinematic disaster.  Jeez.  I kind of can’t believe that two years ago, in the height of the summer, I took a spare afternoon and went to see the first Transformers by myself, just for the hell of it.  Because I thought it would be fun.  Well, thanks to Ebert’s brilliantly scathing review, that will not be happening this time around.  Yikes.  Megan Fox isn’t even that hot.  Yeah, I said it.

–Remember Iran?– With all these high-profile celebrity deaths and political affairs going on, it’s easy to forget that freedom is currently locked in mortal combat in the seat of the world’s unrest.  Sullivan’s got ya covered, though – he’ll keep on covering it no matter what.  Though he also had some interesting things to say about MJ’s death.

–Doctors Aren’t Robots (Yet)– My sis sent me this article in the NYT last week about taking time to actually live life on the way to becoming a doctor.  My buddy Ross is doing this – he’s an incredible guitarist, and just started his residency at UCSF.  As my roommate pointed out, sure, it’s nice to encourage this sort of lifestyle, but some people just have the life-chops to do it, and some of us just… don’t.  We can’t all be Rupa, you know?

–Restaurant Reviews, Hold the Snark– My buddy Sonia (she of The Sonia Show) has been doing reviews of SF eateries for UpTake online.  She’s covered a lot of places I love (Marnee Thai!), and her reviews are refreshingly free of that patented “Sfist Sneer” that peppers so many of the reviews there and in the other ‘hood-centric blogs.  Check ’em out!

SYTYCD Ade and Melissa–So I Think I Canzzzzzzz– As usual, in lieu of an actual post about this week’s SYTYCD, I refer you to Joe R and company over at Low Resolution.  I concur about so much that they say, in particular that the choreography just seems to be lacking this year.  Figures.  It happened with Gossip Girl, too – the minute I get behind something publically, it starts to suck.  I’m sorry I’m the show killer!  I’ll get back!

–Good Thing I’m Made Of Time– …not.  The Onion’s AV Club is writing retrospective recaps of both Buffy (they’re up to season 3) and Deadwood (in season one).  Jesus.  Also, Alan Sepinwall’s been doing Band of Brothers, Sports Night, and The Wire Season 2.  All rule.  I just don’t have time to read most of the Onion stuff, but what I’ve read has been top-notch.  As if there isn’t enough internet-based TV writing in your life…

–The Hits Keep On Coming– I just booked another acoustic show, this one will be on July 10th at 10:00 PM at the Red Vic Sessions on Haight.  I’ll be playing with Lindsay and Nervo, and it’s gonna slay!  Hope you can make it out.

–I Leave You With This– I’ll be in Indiana this weekend, and probably won’t be posting, so I leave you with this video.  May you watch it and think of me:

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