Saturday’s Show @ BrainWash

22 Jun

BrainWashWell that was certainly fun.  On Saturday, Dan A., Nervo, Lindsay and I performed at BrainWash Cafe on Folsom.  It was our first show together in support of The Exited Door, and it went really well!

BrainWash is a really cool venue; the back half of the building is a laundromat, while the front half is a cafe with a little stage – it’s funky, and cool. Michael Steven opened the night – he laid down a really nice set of acoustic stuff, and has a strong voice!  He was accompanied by a really great electric guitar player whose name now escapes me – sounded really nice, lots of delay, looping, and some tasty chord choices.

After Michael wrapped up, the four of us went on. The stage wasn’t quite big enough, and Nervo had to get shunted over a bit farther to the right than we’d have liked – I didn’t realize how much I like being near him onstage until I couldn’t be! Other than that, it was pretty remarkable how well we fit into a smaller space (with a minimal PA).

The room is quite live, and that, coupled with the less-than-ideal ergonomics of the stage left things feeling a little bit chaotic, but the sound was still really full (sometimes shockingly so).  After opening with “Happy Pants,” which is always fun, we played through a bunch of tunes from the record – “No Crow, Scarecrow,” “Oh, Brother,” “If You’re Feeling Out of It.” We also, sort of unbelievably, did “The First Time,” which, if you’ve heard the record, is a stretch to imagine being performed by four people… but it worked (in huge part thanks to Dan A.’s great singing/xylophoning/guitaring). Lindsay killed on her feature, “You’ve Changed,” as well – I love playing that song with her.

Like last time, we filled out the set with some non-exited door material, including “The Darkened Street” and the Nervo-centric “North Kinser.”  North Kinser marked the first time I’ve triggered a loop wrong in a performance (I’d be a fool to say it’ll also be the last, urp), but our recovery was swift and reassuringly confident.

So, check this out – though I’d had plenty of time to go through the material with everyone  individually, Saturday afternoon (the day of the gig) marked the first time we’d all sat down together and run through the set. And holy balls, they nailed it – From the first note of rehearsal, everything was just totally on. It’s a true testament to the skill of Dan, Dan, and Lindsay, and I’m lucky to perform with such talented musicians. Damn.

But you don’t have to take my word for it!  During the show, I gave my (new, beautiful, amazing) iPhone to Nervo’s brother Gabe, who recorded this video of “No Crow, Scarecrow.”

So, yeah – the show was a blast. Huge thanks to all who came out – it was great to play for so many friendly folks, and we can’t wait until we get to do it again!  It’ll probably be somewhere on the weekend of July 10th, so mark your calendars.

Update: Yep, we’ll be performing at Red Vic Sessions in the Haight on July 10th. Bam.


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  1. thesoniashow June 22, 2009 at 9:36 am #

    No,no, thank you, sir, for the great show. We had a great time!

    • Kirk June 22, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

      Thanks! I love how, at the end of the video, the first thing you see in the audience is David taking a big swig of beer. Hee

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