Iran, So Far

16 Jun


This is all pretty nutty. I know I’m just music guy over here, but I can’t really believe what I’m seeing, and thought I’d share where I’m seeing it.

I’ve been following Andrew Sullivan‘s outstanding coverage, as well as the NYT’s The Lede blog, and just found Nico Pitney’s blog at Huffpost through Sullivan. I also just got a tip to check out Al Giordano’s blog, which is good stuff as well. There’s so much coming out, and it’s all so scattered, it’s hard to get a sense of things.

There are things we can do, however –  it’s not too difficult to set up a proxy server for Iranian citizens (Thanks, Annie!).  I’m getting the sense, from some of the stuff coming out of Iran, that our public displays of support and solidarity really mean a lot to the protesters – wearing green in solidarity isn’t the empty gesture it may feel like.

It seems like helping the protesters’ voices get past the government information blockade is probably the most important thing.  Other than that, we wait, watch, and hope that Jason Jones is being careful over there.

Oh yeah, and rock on, Twitter.  Your hour has arrived.

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