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29 May

HanneWow.  Been a crazy couple-a weeks here in my neck of SF.  Tons of shows to see, performances to give, music to learn, and other music to write about and share. Additionally, politics keeps rearing its head, TV shows all came to an end, and I’ve started to actually think about using my long-dormant twitter account.  I KNOW. The internet hasn’t been letting me down, either – seems like everyone I read has been posting some great stuff.  Without further ado:

Time Sinks, Feral Minks, Friday Links:

Ash HandI thought that I was excited for Rami’s return to splatter-horror, but JA at My New Plaid Pants is more excited that I could possibly be.  He’s been posting something awesome and Rami-related for the past couple of weeks now, and it’s got me even more stoked to see “Drag Me To Hell” as soon as possible.  Also, to re-watch Evil Dead 2, which one of my roommates has never seen.  Life without having watched that movie?  Now that’s horrifying.

(Sorry, that was just awful.)

A week or so ago, Penny Arcade put out this gem about paying for higher bandwith from your ISP.  Haa, ha ha.  “When my bill comes, I’ll pay UP to the full amount.  Could be less!  Could be a lot less!”

The Sonia Show posts a final goodbye to the Haight.  Sheesh, I agree with so many things on this post… blerg to the haight.  Just all over it.  Especially the fake homeless high school kids, and the weirdos who make me feel guilty for not buying weed from them.  What the hell, man?  I love the Blue Front and Amoeba and Escape from New York, but still, this neighborhood can be such a chore.

If you have ever read Jacob’s recaps at TWoP, you NEED to read his recap of the season finale of American Idol.  The last five or six pages are so amazing, I can’t begin to find the words.  He’s the real deal, I’m telling you. I also just found out he’s on twitter.  Rock.

Escape ArtistThanks to Tiffany Z at Heist Jewlery for sharing pics from this awesome series from photog Sam Taylor-Wood entitled “Escape Artist.”  It is very cool, and reminds me that in addition to “Drag Me To Hell,” I also want to see “Up” this weekend.  That’d make for an interesting double-feature.

Speaking of Tiffanys, Tiffany M. at Muni Diaries posted a follow-up to her post from about a month ago regarding the giant-balls-having guy who takes up 2 seats on the bus.  This time, it’s in pictures.  Props to Tiff for going in all covert and getting the shots without the giant-sacked individual in question noticing.

Politics alert – I generally like Peggy Noonan, and this kind of op-ed is why.  Good stuff.  I’m a total ignoramus about the finer points of Sotomayor’s judicial record, but I can see that this is just one more chance for the GOP to stand up and act like a reasonable political party.  Think they’ll take the opportunity?  Hmm.  I wouldn’t bet on it.

Speaking of that, Sullivan thinks that the way that the Prop-8 ruling played out was for the best, politically.  I can’t say I disagree with him. I’m hoping that the new federal case doesn’t de-rail things, though.  Yikes.

SobatkaHooray for Summer Sepinwall!  Alan is doing another “rewind” of The Wire, a.k.a. The Best Thing In The History Of The Television And Indeed The World. This time he’s doing season 2.  Awesome.  These are so much fun, and even though I don’t have time to watch them again (though one day I will), I’m amazed at how many layers, and how much depth I missed the first time around.

Mindy Kaling is such a rock star.  She’s posted some new, hilarious stuff on her blog Things I Bought That I Love, most notably some pictures of her new boyfriend.  Considering how many times the search string “Mindy Kaling Boyfriend” has hit my blog in the last month, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that a lot of guys out there are very sad right now.

Last but not least – did anyone else forget that True Blood was coming back on?  And then, when reminded, get really excited?  I sure did.  The year or so since it went off the air has made me grow even fonder of it, and I’m really stoked for its return in a few weeks.  Joe at Low Resolution agrees, and put up this awesome post about paying tribute to what was kind of without question the most rad scene of the first season.  You rock, Lafayette; you better not be dead!


Have a lovely weekend!

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