Overture to the Royal Mongolian Suma Foosball Festival

18 May

No one's ever off-sides, huh?

Last week, I wrote a post detailing some basic techniques I use when writing for student ensembles.  The last item on the list, and possibly the most important, was “Always Do Something Awesome.”  This year, my band’s “something awesome” was a re-arrangement of a Lyle Mays tune called “Overture to the Royal Mongolian Suma Foosball Festival.”

Today, I learned that apparently, “Suma Foosball” is a real thing – ten people line up on either side of a large foosball table and take each other on.  Which sounds.. well… awesome! In an effort to learn more about it, I googled “Suma Foosball,” and while I didn’t find anything but references to the Mays tune, I did come across a recently-uploaded YouTube video of a performance of the piece.  For the longest time, it was impossible to find a recording of that song online, so it’s great that it’s up now!

It’s a pretty fun version, performed by the Karlis Vanagas Big Band – they sound great!  The arrangement is the original one (no wah-wah violins, harmonicas, or string quartet breakdowns here), but it still gives a pretty fun demonstration of what makes the tune so cool.

Check it out:


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  1. Joe from Arlington, Tx. August 13, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

    My 11 yr old son and I heard this tune on the Univ. of N. Texas radio station coming home from batting practice. We love it! I think he loved the title of the piece a little more that the music, though… Funny thing, we just played a quick game of fuseball just before we left the batting cages…. Great video.

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