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16 May

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"Hey! Hipster boy! We're gonna fuck you up!"

Last night I saw The Cock-Ts at El Rio – I hadn’t seen the group in a little while, and man, they’re so much fun.  I bet that they’ll be performing at Annie’s pretty soon, and I highly recommend going out. I love the new one, “Be! Aggressive!  Pa-ss-ive Aggressive!”  Ha!

You heard it here eighth – Dollhouse is indeed getting renewed.  Well, that’s pretty cool.  As I predicted, the show indeed got a whole hell of a lot better in the back end, though weirdly enough, I’m not totally thrilled with the news that it’s coming back.  Hmm.  I can’t figure out why… maybe the premise just seems so challenging?  Anyway.  Here’s hoping that they don’t just go back to one-off “imprint of the week” plots in season two, and that they find a way to make a musical episode. Like, the star of an off-Broadway musical is threatened, so all of the dolls have to have singing, dancing imprints to catch the killer!  Wait, they already sort of did that in the first season, and it was the worst episodes ever.  Well, shit.  I guess “Once More, With Feeling” only strikes once.

Joe R. over at Low Resolution posted this tribute to The Band-Aids of Almost Famous a while ago, but I kept forgetting to link to it here.  I loved this post, just as I loved the movie, and agree wholeheartedly that regardless of her recent trespasses, Kate Hudson’s performance in it bought her a lifetime of free passes from me.  Even thinking about it gives me raging nostalgia for an era that I never even experienced… it’s, like, Bittersweet in a Bottle. Love.

Carmen Staaf (she of the incredible new album) was recently featured in a New York Times article about her apartment building, which appears to be some sort of magical Never-Neverland haven for jazz musicians, overlooking Prospect Park.  Wow.  I dare you to read this article and not want to live there.

Whoda thunk that in order to get my most blog-hits ever in a single day, all I had to do was post a picture of Jack from Lost getting kicked in the nuts? Todd VanDerWerff at The House Next Door wrote an awesome analysis of the finale that goes into, like, Battlestar-level analysis of symbolism.  It speaks to the hugely increased quality of the program that this sort of post is now possible.  What’s more, Todd agrees – Sawyer finally giving Jack’s nads the boot = an unqualified win.

the-road-illustration-0609-lgThe trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Cormac’s The Road is out, and while it features a little too much Hollywood disaster shit for my taste, palate-wise, it looks spot-on and terrifying. I predict that Viggo is going to be fucking brilliant in the lead role.  What’s more, Esquire published an early review that has me really excited for the film to come out.  The money quote is at the end:

But there was not a single stupid choice made in turning this book into this movie. No wrongheaded lyric tribute to the novel. No moment engineered simply to make you jump. The terror of it is in a normal world made vacant.


In world news – my sister told me about this article a while back, right after it came out, but I didn’t have a chance to read it until recently.  You guys, Dubai is all sorts of fucked-up.  Wow.  Read for yourself – honestly, this is some shit, both fascinating (the fall of the city) and horrifying (the enormous slave-class).

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Last but not least, it’s early May in San Francisco, do you know what time it is?  Bay to Breakers time!  Dispite the best efforts of the sort of assholish Chronicle (and, to be fair, the similarly assholish drunks who’ve been sneaking in, getting wasted, and pissing all over the city for the last three races), the race is going to be, as always, super fun.  It’s gonna be a hot one, too. Note to self: Sunscreen and a big, floppy hat.  Maybe I’ll dress up as Mick Dundee or something.  Anyway, I’ll be there, and so will you (probably).

Also, I will use this excuse to leave you with this blast from two years past – will there ever be a better Footstock than Footstock in 2007?

No, I do not think there will be:


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