SF 48-Hour Film Festival Showcase

8 May

48 Hour Film ProjectLast night marked my first-ever show in support of “The Exited Door.” For it, Dan Nervo and I went down to Redwood City to play a showcase for the attendees of the San Francisco 48-Hour Film Festival. Hosted by Vincent Lowe, the event was dubbed “Music For Filmmakers,” the idea being to connect local musicians with local filmmakers in the hopes that some collaboration would ensue.

We were the first of four groups to play. Nervo and I worked out a short, 4-song set that opened with my looping tune “Happy Pants,” then went on to “No Crow, Scarecrow,” a new original instrumental called “North Kinser,” which featured Dan, and closing with “If You’re Feeling Out of It.”

“Happy Pants” went off without a hitch – I was a bit nervous about opening with my big looping number, since I’d never actually performed it with a live PA.  Fortunately, everything went according to plan – while I’m sure there will come a day in which the looper starts to feedback, that day was not yesterday.  It was tricky, energy-wise, to open the entire evening with a tune that is that much of a high-wire act, but fortunately, everything went well.  I used The Armelodica (TM Daniel Fabricant) to create a loop of the string hook from “No Crow, Scarecrow,” and even managed to adjust for an incorrect pedal setting without really giving away the fact that I had messed up, or stopping playing.  The tune went quite well.

“North Kinser” is a new one, a breezy finger-picking guitar tune in drop-D that I wrote to be a feature for Nervo’s amazing guitar playing. I set up the tune with a looping backbeat, played on my guitar – the trick with the tune (as was true on the North Kinser for which it was named), is to not go too fast. It was a bit quick, but it still went really well – it was the first time we’d performed it, and certainly won’t be the last.  Dan sounded great, of course.

sunWe closed with “If You’re Feeling Out of It,” setting up a loop on the bridge section with the clapping, before going into the tune.  I’m still getting comfortable on this song, particularly carrying it as a solo vocal melody, but on the whole, it sounded really good.

After our set, Amy Obenski played, joined by a cellist and, for her last tune, the singer from the third act, Kenny Schick,  playing saxophone.  Amy sounded great, and has a really nice voice, and her Cellist (and Kenny) also sounded good – the whole thing called Rachel Efron to mind, making me remember playing shows with her and Yair Evnine on cello back a few years ago.

Kenny then played his own set – Nervo and I had to take off not too long after he started, but he sounded great.  Kenny’s a super-nice guy who also played at Drew Pearce’s Songwriting Workshop back in January, and I’d really enjoyed his songs then, as well. It’s great to hear another saxophonist-turned-songwriter, too!  I’m getting the feeling that there are a lot of familiar faces at these sorts of acoustic songwriter showcases!

We missed Hookslide, the four-man A-Cappella goup that closed the night, though we heard them a bit in soundcheck, and they sounded pretty screaming!  They had a huge, pro sound setup with in-ear monitors and everything; they really had their live sound dialed in, which was cool.

Overall, a really fun night in Redwood City.  Also, a great opportunity to grab some In ‘n Out, which is always a win.  Thanks to Vincent and Elena Cruz for putting it together, and to everyone who came and chatted after our set.

And hey, if you were there – let me know if you’d like some music for your film! For real.  I have, like, four other pants-related looping jams that would be perfect for that scene when the protagonist looks at his reflection in the lake and wonders what sort of monster he has become.


"It's your pants. They don't seem happy enough."

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