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1 May

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"I might get CANCELLED??"

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and my ability to keep up on most of the shows I watch has been severely hampered.  That said, I made time to watch the finale of Chuck, and holy hell, it was the most fun hour of TV I’ve seen in a long, long time.  I kind of can’t believe the show has a chance of non-renewal… it’s so ridiculously enjoyable and fun every week, it seems insane that more people don’t watch it.  It’s not like it’s some niche think-piece, or super-violent HBO show or something… it’s got mass appeal written all over it!  Alan Sepinwall agrees – the show has cracked his jaded, protective TV-critic shell and pierced his heart.  His post on the finale is awesome, and sums up the greatness of the show better than I ever could.  Also, he had a big interview with Chris Fedak (co-creater of the show) about next season.  Please let there be a next season!  Save Chuck!

In other “farewell” news, it looks like the gang from Measure for Measure is going on hiatus.  Let’s hope that they team up for various solo projects in years to come (har har).  Each of the posters wrote a really nice reflection on their time writing for the column – Andrew Bird’s is a really cool discussion of working with drummer/composer Martin Dosh that is just fun enough to read that I can forgive his use of the word “Slathered.”  Eww, dude!

This week, Tiff tackles reading the mind of a MUNI tweaker.  If you ask me, the dude is probably tweaking because he heard that MUNI is raising its fare to $2.00, and that by January, fast-passes will be $60.  Jay. Eff. Cee. Looks like my broke ass is gonna get a bike.



In less wretched news, I highly, highly recommend checking out this series from the wonderful photog Jan Von Holleben called “Dreams of Flying.”  It will make you smile, make you grin.  Number 18 kind of broke a hole in my heart with its awesomeness.  If you know me at all, you’ll see why.  I all but promise there will be at least one that does you the same service.

I saw Crank last night.  It ruled so hard that I think I pulled something.  I haven’t laughed/winced/enjoyed myself that much while watching a movie in a long time.  It is, like, the movie that “Wanted” really, really, really wanted to be, but couldn’t quite become. Though there is the matter of the weird Amy Smart quasi-rape scene where no means no means no means yes, yes, yes!  Um, speaking of eww…  But honestly, if you’re looking for a good time, grab a sixer, get some friends together, and rent this movie.  You’ll enjoy yourself, though you might want to take a shower after.

Lastly, two YouTube videos.  The first is from the late, great Michael Brecker.  It’s a recording of him in Tokyo playing “Song for Barry” on the Akai EWI (Elecrtonic Wind Instrument), and it is more than a little bit mind-blowing.  It’s as though they gave an ultra music genius the ultimate musical instrument and let him do his best to, like, Finish Music.  So that it’s done.  Good thing that art is subjective, or we’d all have had nothing to do for the past 15 years.  Michael, you are missed every day all around the world – rest in peace.

The second one is a mash-up freakout that a fellow Urban teacher sent me – it’s by “Thru-You,” and it’s called “The Mother of all Funk Chords.”  Basically, a guy took a ton of musical and instructional YouTube videos and remixed them into a monster jam.  But that description doesn’t do it justice; you really gotta check it out to understand:

Thanks for reading; bon weekend!

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