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24 Apr

not-the-best-techniqueWow!  It’s been the most hella-busy, crazy cool week ever. Sadly, the flip-side of that has been that I have been unable to post as often as I’d like.  I’ve got some fun stuff to share in the coming days, some new people I want to be, and a particularly bad piece of poetry for next Tuesday.  In the meantime, please enjoy…

Tasty Links, Coming Your Way:

The lovely and talented Miss Tiffany Maleshefski (perhaps best known as EZ from the Burlesque cheerleading squad The Cock-Ts) has a new weekly blog over at Munidiaries entitled “Muni Mind Reader.”  This should be fun.  Reminds me of this one bad poem I wrote a while back.

Russ Kleiner.  Russ Kleiner.  Russ Kleiner.  He’s on tour with Curtis Salgado.  Curtis Salgado.  Curtis Salgado.  You should really check both of these guys out – Curtis is coming back to SF in July to play Buscuits and Blues, and yours truly will be sitting in.  These guys can play!

I saw Nice Guy Trio at the Red Poppy last night, and it was totally brilliant!  Just a 100% enjoyable set at a really, really nice location.  I’d actually love to play there sometime.  Trumpeter Darren Johnston and accordionist Rob Reich both have new CDs out, and though I plan on writing a bit more about them, suffice to say that they are both brilliant players and deserve your full attention.  They’re playing at Cafe Royal on the 26th (this Sunday), and will have a residency going first Fridays starting in July at the Community Music Center.

I’ve been doing a lot of music-blog reading, getting ready to contact a lot of them about The Exited Door.  And holy FUCK, there are a lot of music blogs out there.  They all are really cool, and all are loaded with pictures of people who look a lot cooler than I am.  It’s kind of scary.  If you’re interested in going down this particular rabbit-hole, Gorillia vs. Bear is a great place to start.  They have a blogroll (lower left, down a bit), that will blow your mind.

It officially isn’t me – Adam Lambert doesn’t even belong on American Idol.  Dude belongs on stage.  Literally the only reason that my sister and I watch this year is to see what the guy’ll do next – the other contestants are just total amateurs, and the presence of someone as skilled and professional as Lambert just brings that fact into sharp relief.  Gary Kamiya wrote a (frankly, sort of worthless and getoffmylawnish) piece in Salon about how American Idol is really fun to watch. Hey Gary – um… duh.

Lastly – the Muppets song Mahna Mahna has come up in no fewer than three separate conversations over the past couple of days, and as a result, I feel compelled to share it here.  My favorite part is when the dude walks away into the distance, then stops…. turns….  and runs back!  Awesome.  Also, this makes me think of David Brent, and the only cold-open that the British Office ever did.  Awesome.


4 Responses to “Murfins and Burgalinks”

  1. thesoniashow April 24, 2009 at 11:47 am #

    OK, so, first of all: “They all are really cool, and all are loaded with pictures of people who look a lot cooler than I am.”

    Come on, Kirk. No one is cooler than you.

    Second, I agree with you about Adam on “American Idol.” He is clearly in a different league. In past seasons, the judges would ding contestants for being too theatrical, but the truth is you need to a little theatrical when you are performing on “American Idol.” A little acting goes a long way toward connecting with songs as well as viewers and getting them to vote for you.

    I love Adam, and I don’t think he really needs “Idol” at this point. I think getting eliminated soon, and not winning the whole thing, could be the best thing for his career at this point.

    I’m pulling for Kris at this point. I’m a 30-something lame chick, so, of course, I dig his John Mayer/Jason Mraz-like vibe.

    • Kirk April 24, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

      Why, thanks! Sure, maybe I’m a little cool, but these folks? Like, say, this chick? Or these people? That’s a whole other league of cool.

      I’d have to spend the next year doing, like, ten years’ worth of blow, sneaking into fashion show after-parties, and wearing nothing but oversize white custom t-shirts just to cancel out the amount of classroom teaching I’ve done over the past few years.

      Wanna go for it? I bet David would be in.

  2. thesoniashow April 24, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    Actually, I am already doing all that stuff, so if you want to tag along, you are more than welcome.

    I think David did his fair share of blow back in his Studio 54 days, but I will ask him.

    • Kirk April 24, 2009 at 12:11 pm #

      Nice; I knew you guys would make great wingmen. Coolness, here we come!

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