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4 Apr

Ever since the “Which Buffy Character are You?” FB quiz said I was Willow and and the “Harry Potter Sorting Hat” quiz put me in Ravenclaw, I’ve been thinking of parallels between the Buffyverse and the Potterverse. Or should that be the Whedonverse and the  Rowlingverse?  Eh, probably the first one.

So, in an effort to elevate my nerd ranking from Orange (“Switched from D&D to GURPS in order to have more narrative freedom”) to Red (“Wears a brown duster every day until Universal announces a sequel to Serenity”), and also in honor of Buffy season 3 finally being available on Hulu, I sat down and had some fun with Photoshop.

The Scooby Gang = The Houses of Hogwarts


Favorite season, favorite book. Good things come the third time 'round, apparently.





And one big difference that maybe goes without saying:



6 Responses to “Nerd Cred”

  1. The Sonia Show April 4, 2009 at 12:43 pm #

    OK, so what it mean if the Buffy quiz says I’m Faith, but the Harry Potter quiz says I’m Hufflepuff?

    Does that makes me some sort of goofy quasi-evil person?

    • Kirk April 4, 2009 at 1:07 pm #

      Umm…hmm. I guess you’re loyal and nice, but eventually your insecurity and lust for power will be your downfall?

  2. Melanie April 4, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    This may be my favorite post yet… (although I am more fond of Season 2 of the Buffster and I am a sucker for 800+ pages of a book – hence my love for GoF. I am seriously jonesing for some HP… July can’t come soon enough.

    Side note: I have Buffy on my comp desktop at work – your dad thinks she’s pretty. 😉

    • Kirk April 10, 2009 at 11:14 pm #

      It’s tough, you know, to really pick a favorite season of Buffy… I agree, season two is the “best;” I mean, it’s just a super-great season of television. And it reached the highest emotional peaks the show ever got to. Even if it did contain “Bad Eggs.” Wait, actually, I kind of love that episode.

      Anyway, I think the reason that, at least at the moment, season 3 is my favorite is The Mayor. Best. Buffy Villain. Ever. Hands down. Angelus was just kind of a lame Big Bad in comparison, you know? He wasn’t evil, he wasn’t funny, he wasn’t really scary – in short, he wasn’t all the things that the Mayor so WAS. When I think of that show, I pretty much think of The Mayor, like, playing miniature golf in his office and lecturing people about germs. Awesome.

      As far as Azkaban goes, I think it’s my favorite because it was the first book that really kicked things into high gear – after two books of fun, intriguing kids’ stuff, suddenly we had Dementors, time travel, stories of James’ youth, Sirius, Lupin, and a whole tone of other awesome stuff. It was the first book in which it was clear that JK Rowling had real chops, and that the series was going to be really great. Also, I freaking LOVE the movie. Best HP movie so far (by far), and unless Half-Blood Prince tops it (which is possible – that’s my second favorite book, and it’s close), it’ll be the best of the whole run.

      Okay. I’m going to be over here in the corner now, sorting my Micro Machines and playing with action figurines.

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