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13 Mar

coverOkay, first things first. Did you guys SEE Jon Stewart’s smackdown of Jim Cramer on The Daily Show last night?  If not, watch it right now.  I’m seriously. I’ll be here when you get back.  Go.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Stewart go THAT hard at a guest on TDS.  The Tucker Carlson Crossfire thing from a few years ago comes to mind, but that wasn’t on his show, wasn’t fifteen minutes long, and didn’t feel nearly as one-sided.  Both and The New York Times have posted op-eds about the interview.  I gotta say, as gratifying as it felt to see someone from CNBC be taken down like that, the NYT article is right.  CNBC’s audience is indeed the traders who allowed this thing to happen, and the network is not in the business of acting like a watchdog over Wall Street. And the hype surrounding Cramer’s feud with Jon Stewart probably only helped their ratings. What that says about capitalism, morals, and any chance we’ve got at having an objective news media, I leave to you.

Speaking of unpleasant things, it would appear that there is actually going to be a Heathers musical. That’s right: a Heathers musical.  JFC already.  Could this actually be good?  It’s being written by the guy who wrote Reefer madness, and the music is by the guy who did the music for Legally Blonde: The Musical. Also, it is HEATHERS, THE MUSICAL. So, no. This will probably not be good.

Iroquois Pliskin wrote a cool reflection about sound design on his blog Versus CluClu Land.  It’s not really new news that gauging sound effect distance can help lend a distinct upper hand in first-person shooters – I kind of remember reading an interview with that Fatal1ty guy, the “best gamer ever,” talking about how he always used headphones when playing, and could almost play (and pwn) with his eyes closed. The whole thing made me reflect fondly on Far Cry 2, since that game forces players down into the foliage, and makes them rely on their ears to alert them to the proximity of enemies, since their field of vision is severely limited. It really changes the game dynamic in a fun way.  I’d like to see more games tackle that kind of thing; killing the lights in a room and forcing players to locate things by sound.  If we could get sense of touch in there, as well, we’d be talking about a whole new sensory take on the concept of “First-Person.”  Maybe creative use of rumble feedback or something?



Also, Kotaku received the most amazing Left 4 Dead matryoshka dolls I’ve ever seen. Okay, they’re the only Left 4 Dead matryoshka dolls I’ve ever seen.  I am so jealous of the editors, that they get to have those things.  Also, the littlest guy is wearing this T-shirt, which I now also want in the worst way.  Speaking of that, does anyone know where the whole Nuh & Nuh & Nuh & Nah thing came from?  I got my sister an awesome Blair&Serina&Chuck&Dan shirt from Glarkware, but I’m sure they weren’t the first to think of it.  It’s an awesome idea, and a great way to make a shirt about whatever the hell you’d like without stepping on any copyright toes.  I love it.  And want the L4D shirt.

Suzanne Vega recently put up an absolutely lovely post at Measure for Measure about the nature of Melody.  Oh, how we struggle to put these things into words!  I absolutely love how she equates melody to sense of smell and how both are so strongly tied to memory.  So true.

I haven’t linked to My New Plaid Pants in a while, but man, his Thursday’s Way Not To Die from a couple of weeks ago was one of my favorite movie deaths of all time – Martian Atmospheric Asphyxiation from Total Recall.  Those bugged-out eyes still haunt my dreams.

The Fug Girls at have started up Fug Madness 2009, and I recommend geting in on the early brackets.  It’s always, always a good time, even if you, like me, have no frigging idea who half of these chicks (and occasionally, dudes) are.  Seriously – Agyness Deyn?  Robert Pattinson?  Who are these people?

This weekend, I’m going to see Wicked, as well as Watchmen in IMAX.  So, a lot of specticle in only two days.  I’ve never seen Wicked, but man, back when I taught younger students, they were obsessed with it.  So, I’m excited to see what all the hubbub is about.  I feel sort of like I’m finally going to watch High School Musical, but less terrified. I also finished Watchmen (the book) this week, and am really interested in seeing it on the big (BIG) screen, particularly since so many reviews I read of it say that it’s incredibly faithful to the source material.  Except for (SPOILER) the omission of the giant squid-monster, which someone was kind enough to spoil me on via facebook status update.  Not that that really constitutes a deal-breaking spoiler or anything, but still.  That was kind of the weirdest part of the book, but I liked it – it’ll be interesting to see what Ozymandius’s master plan is in the movie.

Hasta Lasagna, folks!


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