Monday’s Person I Want To Be

9 Mar

Boom boom boom.

This Monday I find myself wanting to emulate the one, the only, bassist extraordinaire Daniel Fabricant.

Unlike past iterations of this post, I’m basing this on firsthand knowledge. Daniel was one of the first musicians I met out in San Francisco – back in 2003 we did a jazz gig up in Stinson Beach, and soon afterward, I had him come over and record bass on some of the very first songs I had written. Since then, we always seem to wind up playing together – in Tape, in my jazz group, in his groups at clubs all over the bay area, at huge shows accompanying a series of world-famous dames… he also plays upright on half the tracks on The Exited Door.  What I’m saying is, Daniel and I go back.

So, you know the “connectors” in Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point?  And you know how everyone says that they are one, even though they’re really just kinda social?  Well, Daniel actually is one. It’s amazing. He’s like the Kevin Bacon of the SF music scene. Everyone’s either played with him or knows folks who have. From jazz to rock to latin to cabaret, dude’s got a gig (or three) every night of the week, and quite literally knows every single player in the city.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s got great chops and is a total pro accross the board, and bass players are often that way, I guess – after all, everyone needs a bass player! But it remains remarkable – in much the same way as his bass anchors the piano to the drums, the horns to the rhythm section, Daniel himself connects to and brings together just about every player in town.

And where, you may ask, is he right now?  Oh, he’s just getting back from a weeks-long engagement overseas.  In France.  That’s right, France.

This guy, I’m telling you.

Check out Daniel’s group Nice Guy Trio, also featuring trumpeter Darren Johnston and accordionist Rob Reich.  I’m helping them mix their first full-length album, and it sounds absolutely fantastic!

They’re playing at the Make-Out Room tonight, Monday the 9th, and will be on the Pirate Cat Radio Cafe, 87.9FM at 5:00 this wednesday, March 11th.


They even LOOK like nice guys.

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