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27 Feb

It’s Friday! Here are some links:

050207Alan Sepinwall continues to write great weekly recaps of Lost. I offer a mea culpa – a few weeks ago, in my TV Round-Up, I said that I wasn’t too sure that Lost had the juice to keep things going after they took the left turn into time travel. At the time, I said they’d need to keep the action emotionally grounded in the characters for the whole thing to work, and I had my doubts that they could do that. Well, two of the last three episodes after that have really achieved that effectively, and my hope is restored. Especially this last one, with an absolutely kick-ass performance by Terry O’Quinn. Bring it home, guys.

Continuing on the TV tip, I finally got a chance to see some of the American Idol Semi-Finals.  Dudes, that Adam Lambert has one hell of a voice!  Good lord!  The range on that guy.  I’m hard-pressed to think of a male contestant with a range like his.  I don’t know if he’s got the control to really own a less “rock” tune, but I’m betting he does.  Impressive.  Jacob at TWoP had some interesting things to say about him, too.  Jacob always has interesting things to say, about everyone. Especially that freak-show Nick.

andrew-bird-blogAfter seeing Andrew Bird last week at the Fillmore, I have rediscovered my interest in looping.  And to that end, though I may never actually loop onstage, I have seen the pretty, pretty Electro-Harmonix 2880, and I want it.  I want the pretty.

And speaking of the Fillmore, Lindsay’s band, Or The Whale, booked a show there on April 17th!  Amazing!  Buy tickets.  See this band.  See them at the Fillmore.  Golden Ticket.  Victory.

Paul Krugman is actually impressed with Obama’s budget. Wow.  Paul Krugman is, like, the hardest guy to impress in the world. With your budget, anyway. That’s like impressing Philippe Petit with your tightrope walking skills.  Or your mind-blowing self-aggrandizement.

Of all of the video game blogs I’ve been reading lately, the most focused and interesting is Leigh Alexander’s blog Sexy Videogame Land.  She says that she started the blog with the intention of discussing sex and sexuality in videogames. Since she is a total girl, she’s coming at the issue from a significantly different perspective than 95% of other dudely game writers.  It helps that she’s fairly fearless in the topics she tackles, as well.  Case in point: her two recent posts discussing the Japanese rape-simulation game Rapelay, which recently was involved with a “why the hell is this game available here” dust-up on  I like how, when writing about Rapelay, we always feel the need to identify it as a “Japanese game.”  Because god knows, we’re not into any sick shit like that over on this side of the Pacific.  *cough* Manhunt 2 *cough*

tladI downloaded, played, and beat GTA IV: The Lost and Damned this week.  I liked it fine; it was pretty much just more of what GTA does best.  I basically agreed with IGN’s review across the board, which is unusual.  The thing it accomplished more than anything was make me want to boot up the original and play as Niko again.  Johnny Klebitz just isn’t nearly as cool of a character, and his story is nowhere near as epic, nor are the relationships he builds.  It’s weird that so many people bashed all of the friendship-maintaining from the original title; though playing darts with Packie wasn’t as exciting as robbing a bank with Packie, doing all of that stuff grounded me in Liberty City in a way that greatly increased the impact of the story.  So, after beating TLAD, I went back to the original version, and have been running around Liberty City hunting achievements quite a bit these days.  Do a wheelie for 500 feet?  Check.  Shoot all 200 pigeons? Not so check.

Last: the trailer for the upcoming DS (DS!) version of GTA, called GTA: Chinatown Wars, looks bloody awesome:


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  1. thesoniashow February 27, 2009 at 7:51 pm #

    I completely agree with you about Terry O’Quinn on “Lost.” John Locke has been my favorite character on that show from the start. Folks say that Jack is the heart of the show, but I believe that John Locke is the soul of the show. O’Quinn continues to deliver week after week, and the fact that he doesn’t have an Emmy is a sin!

    I also agree with you about Adam Lambert on “Idol.” I wrote about it on my blog as well. I haven’t been really blown away by most of the contestants this year, but I thought his performance this week (even though it was a little over the top) was awesome. He show off his amazing range. He picked a great song.

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