Bad Poetry for Tuesday (Battlestar Edition)

24 Feb

there’s a six in the basement
and a four on the roof
and two’s in the attic;
he’s looking for proof

that the five he believes in
were really the first,
as opposed to the final;
the best, not the worst

with three in a box
under strict key and lock,
and the fives, still alive?
still cajoling the flock?

the six stays beneath us,
her heart all aglow;
her love needs to Tie
to another to grow

and the eight in the pantry
is quashing the rumor
that she’s some greek goddess;
she’s just a late Bloomer.

so a Pyramid forms
from the questions they face,
Chief among them
can unity Foster in space?

and let’s cut to the chase;
Daniel’s last name was “Thrace.”

So what of the one?
Ellen’s hateful first son,
that oedipal, prodigal

he’ll be back for the sixes,
the eights and the five,
and it seems safe to say
that they won’t all survive

with the six in the basement
and the rest on the roof
in four more short hours
we’ll all know the truth

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