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8 Feb

Sunday Links, Served Up Fresh:


From - ha!

Immediately after declaring it “dead,” SFist tackles the term “Hipster,” Look to the comments section – poster Angrybat completely nails it:  “A hipster is somebody you don’t like who goes to the same places you do.”  Amazing.

MNPP’s most recent Thursday’s Way Not To Die recalls Lord Of The Rings, as well as the reason I’m still watching Fringe.  Namely, good Lord Denethor (John Noble) and his amazingly shitty death.

Does everyone else want to see Coraline as much as I do?  I am so into seeing this movie. It sounds awesome.  Stephanie Z. at Salon agrees; her review makes me want to see it even more.

GamesRadar ran this hilarious feature about  a week ago in which they tried to determine which game’s character creator could make the most accurate Obama.  Ha!  The best one was Smackdown, which is interesting…  For special hilarity, find the one in which they imported an actual photo of Obama into the creator.  It looks quite possibly the least like him.

harold-falloutAlso on the gaming tip, thanks to The Brainy Gamer, I found Sparky Clarkson (real name?)’s recent “Critical Thinking Compilation” on Fallout 3. If you played that game and are interested in finding a compendium of interesting, well-written essays about various aspects of the game, this is the place to go.  My favorite that I’ve had time to read is a post at TheNewGamer called “What About Oasis?” I heartily agree with this post – you’d think that, after potentially opening the door for vegetation to return to the desolate wasteland you spent the entire game exploring, that the game’s epilogue would in some way allude to the results of your actions, but… nothing.  What a letdown!

Andrew Sullivan is doing a good job of posting terrifying graphs that I am going to do my best to ignore. Jesus, the sky really is falling, isn’t it?

Thanks to Beth Spotswood, I found a new, random, and quite funny blog called “Reclaiming Miss Havisham.” A recent post details a San Francisco dating encounter that has to be read to be believed. There are some weirdos in this town, I tell ya.

Last but certainly not least, I give you Franz Ferdinand’s new single Ulysses. Sweet.  I need to get their album:


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  1. thesoniashow February 9, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    David is reading “Coraline” right now, and we plan to see it as soon as he is finished with the book. Read, David, read faster!

  2. youkykoh February 13, 2009 at 1:04 am #

    This video is so cool. Luv it. ANNNNNNND! We’re gonna to see him too! How rad is that.

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