Bad Poetry For Tuesday

27 Jan

some rooms are big
some rooms are small
some rooms are wider

than they’re tall

some rooms are barely
rooms at all.

some rooms are made for running in
some rooms are just for standing
some rooms are best when sitting down
some rooms are so low to the ground

that all you do
is lie around.

and some rooms,
they have well-stocked bars
and painted stars
and absinthe jars

the stage is dark
the night is ours.

but this room,
long as it was bright;
it didn’t help
combat stage-fright

’twas quite well-lit
that Sunday night.

and from the stage
we both could see
the audience,

was watching Dan,
was watching me.

Some rooms are cold
some rooms are hot
but most I know
are worth a shot –

they’re easy to play;
this room was not.

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